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宴会場 is a special folder that existed from maimai MURASAKi to maimai FiNALE, and then from maimai でらっくす BUDDiES. It contains joke charts, scrapped charts, and other kinds of special charts. It is comparable to WORLD'S END in CHUNITHM and LUNATIC charts in オンゲキ. Due to deviation from established gameplay norms, scores from Utage charts do not count towards total high score or Rating.

Charts in 宴会場 are called 宴 (Utage) charts. A song can have multiple Utage charts.

宴会場 can be translated as "banquet hall".

From maimai でらっくす BUDDiES, certain charts are marked as "Buddy" charts, which are paired sets of charts that can be played by 2 players in multiplayer.

How to enter

From MURASAKi to MiLK PLUS, if the player has a rating of 7.00 or more prior to the start of a game, and scored Rank S or higher on all tracks before the final track, 宴会場 would be open at the final track. In multiplayer mode, 宴会場 is open for the whole game as long as at least one of the participating players has a rating of 7.00 or more. Because of this, some skilled players spend two credits to enter two-player mode to play Utage charts more than one time per game.

In FiNALE, 宴会場 is open by default, even for guest players.

From maimai でらっくす BUDDiES onward, you will need to have a rating more than 10000 to open 宴会場. In the international version the score requirements are instead 1000.

Chart Attributes

Utage charts display a Kanji in place of the level rating. This Kanji signifies the "attribute" (属性) of the chart. From maimai でらっくす BUDDiES, Utage charts also have an estimated difficulty "level", marked with a question mark.
From maimai でらっくす BUDDiES onward, the attribute is no longer fixed but used as an indicator.

Debuted pre-DX

Image Attribute Details
Utage attribute hikari.png
All notes, including star notes for slide notes and slide notes themselves, are partially or completely changed to Break notes. All touch notes have firework effects enabled.
Utage attribute hoshi.png
Tap notes and break notes are changed to star notes.
Utage attribute sakasa.png
Star notes appear at the end of slide notes, instead of the start.
Utage attribute kaku.png
Memorize the order that slide notes appear. All slide notes that previously appeared in a section will appear together, but may not (depending on the song) respond to touches until the previous slide note is gone. The player needs to slide the slide notes in the correct order.
Utage attribute nade.png
Some slide notes do not come with star notes.
Utage attribute soku.png
The standby time between the star note and slide note is shorter or completely gone.
Utage attribute kei.png
The original chart is tilted.
Utage attribute tako.png
More than two simultaneous notes, seemingly requiring more than two hands to play. In reality though, the charts can be played by using arms or elbows.
Utage attribute kanou.png
Playing with multiple players, on the area intended for a single player, is recommended or required. If the chart is a Buddy chart, three or more players will always be required.
Due to requiring multiple players, track skip will typically be forced off.
Utage attribute tai.png
A stamina-consuming pattern continuing for most or all of the length of the song, testing the player's endurance. Often combined with forced track skip option.
Utage attribute utage.png
For charts that don't fit in any other attributes.
Utage attribute kura.png
蔵 refers to お蔵入り, literally "put into the warehouse", that is used to mean scrapped. Charts with this attribute were originally intended for release as normal charts, but were scrapped, often because they're too hard. (Tips on the loading screen added in maimai MiLK revealed that chart designers have to get rank S on non-Utage charts for them to be released.)
Utage attribute kyo.png
Crazy difficulty, harder than 宴 or even 蔵 charts.

Debuted post-DX

Image Attribute Details
A repeated circular slide note is played on top of a regular chart.
The entire chart is snapped to the right side.
(play music)
A chart type exclusive to Buddy charts, intended for 2 players playing charts that complement each other.
Due to requiring multiple players, track skip will typically be forced off.
Standby time between star notes and slides is seriously changed; there is no fixed standby time, and the slide starts when a regular tap note hits the beginning of the slide. If the star note is a break star note, the slide is instead instant (as with the 即 attribute).
Note: excluding the below Garakuta Doll Play charts, this attribute was the first to be retrofitted to a pre-DX UTAGE chart (specifically, that of DETARAME ROCK&ROLL THEORY).
N/A J Used only for Jack's chart of Garakuta Doll Play.
N/A Used only for はっぴー's chart of Garakuta Doll Play.
N/A r Used only for rioN's chart of Garakuta Doll Play.
N/A Used only for 玉子豆腐's chart of Garakuta Doll Play.
N/A Used only for 某S氏's chart of Garakuta Doll Play.

Unused Attributes

The JavaScript code used on the official website of maimai FiNALE reveals 3 more attributes. They were never used for any Utage charts.

Image Attribute Comments
Utage attribute kata.png
片 probably refers to 片手 (single-hand), in which case this attribute was probably intended for charts that force heavy movements for one of the hands.
Utage attribute shin.png
Difficulty in games was sometimes expressed by "spiciness", which is probably what 辛 is referring to here.
Utage attribute tsuno.png
Unknown. Perhaps notes would have been limited to a single corner/edge?

Forced options

Some Utage charts force one or more of four game options to be set to a certain value.

  • Mirror mode
  • Background info display
  • Track skip
  • Judge style

Utage Chart List

Song Attribute Comment Forced options Details
POP STAR そのためのPOP STAR ⇄ / - / - / - Based on the Master chart, changing all tap notes and break notes to star notes. It's only an aesthetic difference and does not affect gameplay. Horizontal mirror is forced however.
ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (゚∀゚)どこまでウマれるかな(゚∀゚) Off / Border(S) / Auto (S) / Maji While the verse part is based on the Expert chart, the chorus part features super fast single and double tap notes based on the dance.
Future Re:MASTERを魔改造★ ⇅ / - / - / - Based on the Re:Master chart, changing all tap notes and star notes to break star notes. Therefore, it also has elements of the 光 attribute.
Touch Tap Baby ☆ Tap Baby - / - / - / - All Tap notes in the Expert chart are changed to Slide notes. The easiest Utage chart?
Love You リア充専用譜面だよ!リア充向けだってば!
リア充(2人)譜面 ○は左の人☆は右の人 (pre-FiNALE)
- / - / - / - Designed for two players, one on the left and one on the right.
ミラクル・ショッピング ボリューム満点!ドン(物理)・キホーテ - / - / - / - April Fools chart for 2018. Most of the chart consists of more than two simultaneous notes at a time.
jelly あの頃はごめんなさい - / - / - / - Old chart before the maimai PLUS update. Slide notes at the end of the song are different.
ジンギスカン スライド始点タップ練習用に作ったの - / - / - / - Practice chart for the Slide + Tap pattern, similar to Future Re:Master.
ポップミュージックは僕のもの ポップミュージックは僕たちのもの Off / - / Off / - 2-player chart. Consists mostly of 2 holds being played simultaneously with simple 2-hand patterns. Unusually, the left side plays with star taps and the right side plays with regular taps, rather than the other way around as with most 2-player charts.
青春コンプレックス (B) バンドメンバーを集めて楽しもう!(入門編) Off / - / Off / - Played on 2 cabinets and with 4 players. The parts played correspond with the band members and instruments. From left to right: Ryou Yamada/Bass, Nijika Ichiji/Drums, Ikuyo Kita/Rhythm Guitar, Hitori Gotou/Lead Guitar (i.e. the order they appear on both the maimai and CHUNITHM jackets).
バンドメンバーを集めて楽しもう!(ヒーロー級) Off / - / LIFE 300 / - Much harder variation of the above.
さくゆいたいそう (B) ライバル譜面 Off / - / Off / - 2 players on 2 cabinets. One side focuses on Saku's part, the other on Yui's. Otherwise, similar to MASTER.
niconico & VOCALOID
どうしてこうなった どうしておくらいりした Off / - / - / - This song was planned to be released one month after Oshama Scramble!, yet this chart has even more notes than that. Maybe if this chart was released as the Master chart, it wouldn't have been demoted to 11+ in PiNK?
There's a large amount of double notes and jacks. Really, why did it become like this
すーぱーぬこになりたい すーぱーたこになりたい - / - / - / - Also has elements of the 撫 attribute. Pay attention to the hold notes.
東京リアルワールド なぞる順番を覚えるゲーム(初級編) - / - / - / - Several slide notes come normally, and then all the slide notes appear together. The player needs to remember the order that the slide notes appeared in, and trace them in that order. Other slide notes on the screen will still trigger if touched.
おちゃめ機能 スライドの両端に星が飛んでくる機能 - / - / - / - As the comment says, star notes come at both the start and the end of slide notes.
からくりピエロ 始点タップを叩かなくても回る - / - / - / - The chart mostly consists of slides, most of which don't come with a star note at the beginning, and instead connects to the last star note.
だんだん早くなる だんだんShake it - / Border(S) / Auto(S) / Maji The chart mostly consists of the pattern seen in the chorus part of the Master chart of shake it!. The changing BPM makes it harder.
スイートマジック ☆甘くなる魔法☆ - / - / - / - There are many slide notes that go back and forth. The teardrop-shaped slide notes in the chorus part are fast; beware of that.
恋愛裁判 リア充向け譜面 ~爆発しろ~ - / - / - / - 2-player chart, harder than Love You. Be careful not to get the arms entangled and cause mis-hits. Prohibitively hard for single-player.
ぽっぴっぽー ぽ・っぴ・っぽー
ぽ・っぴ・っぽー(下・左上・右上) (pre-FiNALE)
- / - / - / - 3-player chart. Ideal positions for the players are bottom, top-left and top-right.
ココロ トテモ脆イ、取扱イニ注意。 - / Border(SSS) / Auto(SSS) / Gori Same as the Easy chart, but with forced options. Since the chart only has 1 break note, the forced options mean that every single note must be hit within 1 frame for the player to complete the song.
Ievan Polkka 罠がいっぱいなんですがこれは - / Border(SSS) / Auto(SSS) / - Extreme hold-focus chart, with forced options that require an ALL PERFECT. The arrangement of hold notes can easily make the arms become tangled if not paying attention.
林檎華憐歌 流石にしゃべり過ぎです - / - / - / - Same as the Master chart, except that at the end the notes correspond to the talking.
脳漿炸裂ガール さぁさぁなぞってなぞって踊りましょ - / - / - / - The chart shown at maimai LIVE 2014洗濯祭. Same as the Master chart before the chorus, but after that it's like a slide festival.
Hand in Hand Hand in Hand in Hand in Hand
まさかの8人用譜面!? (pre-FiNALE)
- / - / - / - The last UTAGE chart of the classic maimai era. Designed for 8 players; 4 players are enough to have a decent result though. Due to tap notes layered on hold notes, it's intended that you use both the buttons and touch screen to hit them, but with the increased leniency of hold notes in the DX era this may not be necessary.
アカツキアライヴァル (B) ライバル譜面 Off / - / Off / - One side plays Luka's vocal, the other side plays Miku's. During instrumental parts, the charts are mirrored versions of each other.
ラグトレイン (B) \みんなでラグトレイン再現チャレンジ/ Off / - / Off / - This chart uses notes to reproduce the well-known music video for this song. Designed for 4 players across 2 cabs.
回る空うさぎ くるくる回る、お星さま。 - / - / - / - Play a simple series of touch notes while playing a constant slide rotating all around the cabinet.
エイリアンエイリアン (B) 中央で踊るダンサー、急募。 Off / - / Off / - Designed for 3 players across 2 cabs. Two players play a relatively normal chart on either side, while the third imitates the character in the video.
テレキャスタービーボーイ (B) 誰か一緒に舞わないか? Off / - / Off / - A pair of complementary charts designed for 2 players, somewhat based on the original Re:Master. At the end, both players form a heart shape.
チュルリラ・チュルリラ・ダッダッダ! (B) 生き残るのはどっちだッ??? Off / - / Off / - A pair of complementary charts designed for 2 players, somewhat based on the original Master.
ロキ デタラメのロックンロール - / - / - / - Slides don't start after the star, but until a regular Tap comes to them... unless the Slide has a Break star, in which case the Slide is instantaneous. Watch out, as several times, multiple Slides will appear on the screen but be played in a different order that they appeared.
ノンブレス・オブリージュ 息が詰まる息が詰まる息が詰まる息が詰まる - / - / - / - The player is left with no time to breathe, as near-constant Taps (including jacks) make both hands active at all times.
チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 パーフェクトホールド教室 - / - / - / - As its comment suggests, heavily abuses Hold notes.
ウサテイ 譜面傾けんなってーーー!! - / - / - / - The Master chart rotated 135 degrees.
幻想のサテライト 蔵入り、はい、それでサヨナラ - / - / - / - Mostly the same as the Master chart, but the latter half of the second chorus is completely different.
キャプテン・ムラサのケツアンカー なぞる順番を覚えるゲーム(上級編) - / - / - / - Similar to 東京リアルワールド, but with more slides to memorize.
しゅわスパ大作戦☆ ☆TAP大作戦☆ - / - / - / - In this chart, normal Tap notes and star notes changed into each other. Beware of the end of the song, where star Break notes come to all 8 buttons.
最速最高シャッターガール スライドが待ち無しで飛んでくガール - / - / - / - The 1-beat standby time for Slide notes is gone. The player has to start tracing the Slide note immediately after hitting the star note.
魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました 大変なスライドを間違えていきました - / - / - / - In this chart, none of the star notes lands in the same place as the Slides, but instead at one of the zones next to the zone where the Slide starts. If there are two Slides at the same time, the star lands directly between them.
疾走あんさんぶる なりきれ!プリズムリバー三姉妹
- / - / - / - A 3-player chart, released as the April Fools chart for 2018. This was also the first UTAGE-only song, until it was revived on May 8th, 2018 with normal charts.
スカーレット警察のゲットーパトロール24時 (B) 隣を見てなぞる順番を覚えるゲーム(初級) Off / - / - / - The 覚 chart type crosses over into Buddy charts for the first time. One player will play the Slides normally, and the other player has to watch and memorise the Slide order. Arrow-shaped Touch notes denote the times when play switches to the other player. There's a big circle of Touches and Taps at the end, just for good measure.
三妖精SAY YA!!! 君たちが三妖精だ!!! - / - / - / - 3-player chart. Unlike most 協 charts, there's no real fixed player position, and the players will be moving around a bit; however, "left, right, middle" is always a good option.
Reach For The Stars スーパーソニック状態! - / - / - / - All Tap notes, including the starts of Slide, become Break notes. This was the only Utage chart in the maimai MURASAKi location test.
お蔵入り - / AR(-) / - / - A very different prototype version of the Master chart. The first half heavily focuses on repeated hits on the same button, whilst the second half has a very long period of double Tap spam. It's surreal to think that the idea for such a nasty chart came at the very beginning of maimai.
DRAGONLADY TATERENLADY - / - / - / - Rhythms are the same as the Master chart, with many more jacks than in the original chart.
時空を超えて久しぶり! 4つ繋げて消すぷよ~ - / - / - / - For most of this chart, the player is playing four notes at once. In the middle, however, there is an instance of six notes at once.
コトバ・カラフル ほらね5・7・5!! Off / - / - / - Notes only come to positions 5 and 7 (counting clockwise from the top-right). Mirroring options are disabled to keep the notes where they belong.
Ignis Danse 勝手にお蔵入り譜面祭 - / - / - / - A prototype version of the Master chart, with more complex Tap patterns and high-speed Slides.
Back 2 Back Spin 2 Spin - / - / - / - The Master chart, rotated through 90 degrees.
In Chaos チャンさんは今日もアクセル全開 - / - / - / - A prototype version of the Re:Master chart, which is somehow more difficult than the final chart.
セガサターン起動音[H.][Remix] 回転タップ検定起動音 - / - / - / - The circle of Tap notes at the start of the Master chart just continues for the whole chart.
Credits あの人の引き出しサイズは化け物 - / - / - / - Prototype version of MASTER, including less refined Tap positions in the first half and a very different, much harder second half.
FREEDOM DiVE (tpz Overcute Remix) サファ太人間卒業シリーズ - / - / - / - A chart of extreme difficulty designed to be beyond human ability. However, it has been AP'd.
Wonderland Wars オープニング EASY(当時は宴という枠が) - / - / - / - All of the charts of Wonderland Wars オープニング, the April Fools song back in 2016, are revived in the UTAGE section. This singlehandedly makes this song the one with the most UTAGE charts.
Aegleseeker and in that light, I find deliverance. - / - / - / - The original plan for this chart seems to have been more based on the Future chart in Arcaea, but this contained too many notes and was dialed back.
Space Harrier Main Theme [Reborn] HOLDがSQUILLAに!? - / - / - / - Based on the Expert chart, changing all Hold notes to 16th note Tap jacks of the same length. The comment references SQUILLA which is a boss character that appears in the Space Harrier series, looks like pearls linked into a dragon shape, referencing the appearance of the new chart element. All jacks are EX notes, except for the first note (which might be referencing SQUILLA's weak point being their head).
Lionheart かつてのニコ生で公開したアレ! - / - / - / - An early version of this song's Master chart, first seen on a niconico livestream.
Oshama Scramble! Let's Party Night! - / - / - / - A chart that first appeared at JAEPO 2017, featuring several patterns that are just designed to be fun to play, including repeated back-and-forth Slides, and 8 Holds at the same time.
犬日和。 エイプリルのやつ復活
☆<僕なりのジョークです (April 1st, 2017 only)
- / - / - / - April Fools chart for 2017. A Slide-heavy chart where the star note always appears at the end of the Slide, rather than the start. Fan-shaped Slide have three star notes to tap at once. There is a part with 6 Hold notes at the same time, too.
Garakuta Doll Play J No.1 いちばんかんたん じこべ99.2% (MURASAKi)
master練習用(?) (MURASAKi PLUS→MiLK PLUS)
Jackの現代風アレンジ版 (FiNALE→)
- / - / - / - One of the charts added for 2017 April Fools for the "Garakuta General Election" (ガラクタ総選挙). This chart was played most, so was added permanently from MURASAKi PLUS.
This chart was meant to be added in BUDDiES, but the below (No.2) chart was added instead. All other Garakuta Doll Play charts were restored in BUDDiES PLUS.
No.2 理論出来る(出来るとは言ってない (MURASAKi)
はっぴーの若干ストイック気味版 (FiNALE→)
- / - / - / - One of the charts added for 2017 April Fools for the "Garakuta General Election" (ガラクタ総選挙). Seems like the base of the Re:Master chart added at FiNALE.
r No.3 ガラクタ++ (MURASAKi)
rioNのスライド筋マシマシ版 (FiNALE→)
- / - / - / - One of the charts added for 2017 April Fools for the "Garakuta General Election" (ガラクタ総選挙). As its comment suggests, a lot of slides.
玉子豆腐のチュウニリスペクト版 (FiNALE→)
- / - / - / - One of the charts added for 2017 April Fools for the "Garakuta General Election" (ガラクタ総選挙). A recreation of the MASTER chart in CHUNITHM. The note placements are mostly the same as the original chart, including the sound timings for the answer sounds. Since there were no EX notes in maimai at the time, all ExTap have become Break notes for a total of 253.
No.5 ブレイクマシマシコンボカラメ (MURASAKi)
パリピS氏のやべーやつ版 (FiNALE→)
- / - / - / - One of the charts added for 2017 April Fools for the "Garakuta General Election" (ガラクタ総選挙). Chart with ridiculously high note counts, especially Break notes (341).
The comment references when you order at a ramen store, you say "spells" (which are supposed to be abbreviations of the toppings, in the comment "many breaks scrambled") to let the chef know what you want.
CYCLES いつもより多く回っております - / - / - / - The iconic tricky Slide pattern from the second half of the MASTER chart is repeated for most of the song. 46% of all notes in this chart are Slide notes.
Turn around Tako around - / - / - / - Taps will land in the same place as where Hold is being held, forcing the player to use both the buttons and the touch screen.
LANCE なぞる順番を覚えるゲーム(中級編) - / - / - / - Slide memorisation chart, like 東京リアルワールド but harder. This time, the Slides are mirrored each time you repeat them.
D✪N'T ST✪P R✪CKIN' なぞる順番を覚えるゲーム(応用編) - / - / - / - Slide memorisation chart, where not only are the Slides mirrored, but there are no star notes to guide you, and the player will be required to play two Slides at the same time in the second half.
ジングルベル スライド発射が早ければ簡単になると思った - / - / - / - The Master chart with the slide standby time halved.
Our Wrenally この曲BPM210やろ!?→結果 - / - / - / - The Master chart with the slide standby time halved. The difficulty is greatly increased by the abundance of Tap notes that came at the same time as the Slide activation in the original chart.
夢花火 CYCLESの素を手に入れたぞよ - / - / - / - The chart is replaced by patterns from the Master chart of CYCLES, including the iconic pattern from the second half, which now takes up most of the chorus.
オトヒメモリー☆ウタゲーション カメとタイに遊んでもらう予定じゃ - / - / - / - Designed for 2 players, one on the left and one on the right. Notable as the only 協 attribute chart that wasn't revived in BUDDiES at launch.
GEMINI -M- ―ALL PUSH― - / - / - / - Has the feel of a 蛸 attribute chart, as most of the chart is four or more Taps at once, including points where Break notes come to every zone at once.
Starlight Disco ☆Starlight Disco Festa☆ - / - / - / - A chart full of Slides with no star notes, and star notes where Taps would otherwise be used.
タカハせ!名人マン 名人マンよくばりセット - / Border(SSS) / Auto(SSS) / - Contains extremely fast jacks, which are forced to be played with only one hand by use of Hold. The only really viable way to clear this chart (unless you have the incredible finger speed of Takahashi Meijin himself) is to use the vertical mirror (⇅) option and play the Hold with your body.
Glorious Crown チャンさんの初稿シリーズ~王~ - / - / - / - The original version of the Master chart before it was edited into its current form by Jack.
AMAZING MIGHTYYYY!!!! やる気いっぱい夢いっぱい、ノーツも。 - / - / - / - The original version of the Master chart. The most notable feature is that the middle rest section is replaced by 16th note Tap chaos.
四月の雨 ちゃんとしたBPMはこっちでしょ - / - / - / - The Master chart with slide standby time halved.
犬日和。(はっぴー歌唱Ver) HOLDだけでがんばろうとした。 - / - / - / - A new UTAGE chart for the April Fools 2014 version of 犬日和。 sung by はっぴー. This chart is mostly made of Hold notes.
全世界共通リズム感テスト 譜面が見えるバージョン(初級) - / - / - / - The return of the April Fools 2015 song. Hit notes in rhythm, even after the metronome drops out. The two charts are, respectively, the original Expert chart and the original Master chart. The difference is that in the Master chart, the notes are invisible and there is no hit sound.
怒槌~光吉猛修一部謎~ 譜面とムービーをよく見て謎を解け! - / - / - / - The April Fools chart for 2019. Not necessarily a chart that is designed to be played, but by a combination of the notes and the music video, the player is supposed to solve puzzles. See the song page for more information.
BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! - / - / - / - As many notes as possible are changed to Break notes, including Hold and Slide (features newly added in FESTiVAL). Additionally, all Touch notes have added effects, and are forced to be the larger size found when playing Basic and Advanced charts.
KING is BACK!! お前がBACKするんかーーーい!! - / - / - / - Star notes are at the end of Slides, not the start. You don't have long to look at the correct direction of Slides, because of this song's fast tempo.
その群青が愛しかったようだった そのTAPは青かったようだった - / - / - / - The Master chart is made as blue as possible by replacing Taps, Holds, double notes, and Breaks with regular star notes.
DETARAME ROCK&ROLL THEORY スライドの発射タイミング速度がデタラメ - / - / - / - If there's a Break star, the slide is instantaneous, and if not, the Slide will not be active until Tap comes to it. The key to victory is learning to deal with multiple Slides at once under these conditions.
Oshama Scramble! (Cranky Remix) ぼくらのかんがえたさいきょうのまいまい - / - / - / - Like Oshama Scramble!'s 宴 chart, but even more chaotic.
The wheel to the right インド人含め右に Off / - / - / - The entire chart is squeezed into the right half of the screen, including Slide notes that both start and end on the right. Fan-shaped Slide is changed to a triple Slide. This leads to situations where Tap and Hold overlap, so it can be very difficult to read.