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This page describes some recommendations with page editing. While they're not strong enough to be considered "policies" - you can still do it however you like as long as the final product conforms to the expected format - they're considered "best practices" that would make page editing much easier.

Song pages

  • Use existing song pages as a guide for what to do, and don't be afraid to use them as templates. If you're making a page for, say, a VARIETY genre song that has appeared in both maimai (pre-DX) and CHUNITHM, base your page on a song page that fits those qualities.

Movie creator

Before DX, movie creators are almost only credited when the song is a boss song and has a dedicated announcement video (eg. Challenge Track, PANDORA BOXXX). They're not even credited in soundtrack booklets. Older announcement videos are only on niconico and not on YouTube.

In DX 1st and DX+, movie creators are credited per-Area. That is, for each Area, on the official website, all movie creators involved in all songs in the Area are listed together. Which creator is involved in which song is not officially revealed by SEGA, and would have to be figured out through other means, like niconico tags (not exactly official, but usually accurate), or the creators' Twitter accounts.

Since Splash, movie creators for each song are finally revealed on the official website.


General - from YouTube captions

The official YouTube video sometimes has community-contributed captions enabled, which can be a good source for fan translations. Unfortunately, YouTube removed the community-contributed captions feature in 2020, so new videos usually wouldn't have translations, because the uploader has to receive a captions file from others, and add them manually.

  • Use youtube-dl to download the captions files and convert them to LRC: youtube-dl --skip-download --sub-lang ja,en --convert-subs lrc VIDEO_ID_OR_URL (If only Japanese captions exist, write "ja" instead of "ja,en"; and vice versa)
  • Open them in an advanced text editor such as Notepad++.
  • Use the regex pattern ^\[.*\] in "find and replace" to remove all timestamps, leaving the lyrics themselves.
  • Copy them to this wiki.

Vocaloid / Touhou

  • Look for the song on Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki or Touhou Wiki, respectively. The lyrics will be in a table, with three columns: Japanese, Romaji, English translation.
  • Copy the table into Microsoft Excel (or equivalents).
  • Play the chart video to identify the parts that are cut in the game edit version. Select the corresponding table rows, and delete (NOT clear!) them.
  • Copy the columns one by one into three separate sections, wrapped in <pre> blocks.
  • Optionally, if you feel the page is too long with three sections of lyrics, wrap the <pre> blocks in {{Collapsible}} templates.
  • Note the source of the English translation in the English section, before the <pre> block, outside the {{Collapsible}}.

"Help, my songlist/difficulty template is broken"

Usually this happens because a double square bracket (link) wasn't closed properly, or a vertical bar was put in the wrong place. Thankfully, with how templates in SilentBlue are set up (a new template per row) you can just move an entire row or section out of the template just to test exactly where the problem is.

maimai DX


Info source:

  • For stuff before the table, copy from existing sections, and modify the info accordingly.
  • Copy the table from the FC2 wiki, and paste into the textbox at excel2wiki, and click convert without changing the default options.
  • Copy the result to clipboard, and paste it into your favorite text editor.
  • Use "find and replace" and translate the item types.
  • Discard the table header generated by excel2wiki, and copy it from existing sections of other Areas. (This should be faster than manually changing them from Japanese.)
  • Link the songs to their romanized page titles.
  • Copy what's in your text editor to the Areas page.
  • Type the bonus songs, and put the list in a {{Collapsible}}.
  • In the おすすめつあーメンバー (recommended Tour Members, aka Tour Members who are good at this Area) section, if there are any Tour Members not from this Area, write about it as a bullet point before the table.
  • Done.

"What about Project Diva / Crackin' DJ / Space Channel 5 / Samba de Amigo / other SEGA music game?"

This is a question that's often asked, and the answer is always the same: maimai, CHUNITHM, and オンゲキ are linked, in a way that other SEGA music games aren't. The "performai" branding exists for a reason. If there is a fourth game in this franchise, it will be covered on this wiki.