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Read these carefully, as SilentBlue does some things slightly differently from base RemyWiki.


  • SilentBlue does not deal in leaked content and never will. If it is unreleased, and there is any indication it will be released in future, do not add it to this wiki.
  • Song jackets should always be in png format. Convert it to png if your copy isn't.
    • The only exceptions are Irodorimidori songs, because there likely won't be png jackets at 800x800 or larger.
    • Under no circumstances should they be upscaled, or cropped from larger images; they should be at in-game resolution or better (if you can find a larger image that is otherwise exactly identical to the in-game image).
  • Game pages and pages for game mechanics should be in their respective namespaces.
  • Since Sega has mostly unified the genre structure across games, the wiki categories for genres would also be unified. Below is how categories for genres should be assigned.
    • In the rare event that a song has different genres in different games (eg. Like the Wind [Reborn]), put the page into all applicable categories.
Category maimai CHUNITHM ONGEKI
Category:Pops & Anime POPS&アニメ POPS&ANIME POPS&ANIME
Category:niconico niconico&ボーカロイド niconico niconico
Category:Touhou Project 東方Project 東方Project 東方Project
Category:Variety ゲーム&バラエティ VARIETY VARIETY
Category:maimai Original Songs maimai ゲキマイ チュウマイ
Category:CHUNITHM Original Songs オンゲキ&CHUNITHM ORIGINAL チュウマイ
Category:ONGEKI Original Songs オンゲキ&CHUNITHM ゲキマイ オンゲキ
Category:Irodorimidori Songs[1] オンゲキ&CHUNITHM イロドリミドリ チュウマイ
  1. イロドリミドリ songs have their own genre only in CHUNITHM. They should not be put into Category:CHUNITHM Original Songs.
  • On this wiki, unless otherwise specified:
    • "China" means China mainland.
    • "Asia" means Asia, minus Japan and China mainland, plus Australia and New Zealand.
      • Putting AUS and NZ in the "Asia" region aligns with what Konami has been doing. A possible reason behind this is that these two countries are usually considered to be in the "Asia Pacific" region.
      • Despite that the Asian version is officially called "International ver." and includes AUS and NZ, it is referred to by SEGA as "アジア版" from both a developer on a livestream as well as its Game ID on My Aime.
  • On maimai DX game pages, use {{ST}} and {{DX}} templates according to the following table:
Pre-DX song - Use {{DX}}
Post-DX song Use {{ST}} -

Page titles

  • Page titles should be in ASCII characters only. That means English letters and some symbols.
    • This wiki has $wgCapitalLinks disabled. Do not create pages with capitalized titles if what the page describes have a non-capitalized name. For example, use maimai, not Maimai.
    • Romanize all CJK song titles, and create redirects from the original title. Romanized portions of the title should use sentence case.
      • は, へ should be romanized as wa, e when they're pronounced as such; を should always be romanized as wo.
      • If there's a foreign word transliterated into Japanese/Korean, write the original foreign word, if it can be determined. If you're not sure whether it's a foreign word or native word, write the romanization as-is.
      • For words of non-English origin (eg. テーマ and トルコ), it's recommended to use the words from their original language (Thema, turco) instead of their English equivalents (theme, Turkey). The latter is also acceptable, however.
    • If there are special characters that are meant to represent similar-looking English letters, write those English letters. Don't romanize them from their original language. For example, for "TETЯIS", use "TETRIS" as the page title, not "TETYAIS".
    • When in doubt, assume Chinese characters in song titles are Japanese kanji, and use Japanese romanization. In the rare case that they're not actually Japanese kanji (e.g. 萌豚♥功夫♥大乱舞), admins will correct them.


  • For licensed songs, especially POPS & Anime songs, the wiki page should only contain lyrics for the in-game short cut, and not the full song.
    • If you cannot understand the language, explicitly state that the lyrics are for the full version.
  • For original songs, write the lyrics for the long/extended version in a separate section, if applicable.

English translations

  • If the song appears in a video game that has an English localization, use the English translation in that localization, if available.
  • Newer Vocaloid songs often have community-contributed subtitles on the official YouTube video. Those should be used when available, and the subtitle authors should be credited.
    • For Vocaloid songs that appear in the Project DIVA series of games, English subtitles in those games should be used, i.e. the first rule takes precedence.
  • See SilentBlue:Editing tips for other recommendations.

Song Information

  • If the artist credit differs between games, use the one that is in more different series, or if this is not applicable, the one that was released first. The other(s) should be put in the Trivia section (e.g. Daydream café).
  • Composition - Arrangement - Lyrics - Vocals - Chorus - Guitar - Bass - Keyboards - Drums - Other Instruments, in that order.
  • Then: Movie (if any) - Album (if any) - BPM - Length - maimai Genre - CHUNITHM Genre - ONGEKI Genre - ONGEKI Opponent - First Music Game Appearance - Other Music Game Appearances (in order of first appearance).
    • Change November 18th, 2020 - IDs and internal names are no longer placed in the song information section.
    • Change April 2022 - Movie creators should be linked (and should have pages).
    • List 舞萌 and CHUNITHM:SUPER STAR (PLUS) separately, but not the non-Japanese versions of maimai でらっくす or CHUNITHM NEW.

Difficulty & Notecounts

  • Use the templates (see existing pages for examples).
  • When using {{(game name) Difficulty}} templates, use lower case letters for version names, _ for the first game, and + instead of "PLUS".
    • "1st" can now be used in addition to "_" for the first game.
  • Link all chart designers in the tables, except for those indicating that the chart is a collaboration effort. (eg. 合作だよ)
  • For songs added to a version in Asian/Chinese versions of maimai DX that's older than the Japanese version, like BATTLE NO.1, include these earlier versions. Details, including internal levels, are being documented in this Google sheet.

Artist Pages

  • Policy for creating artist pages is if both of these apply.
    • They have at least 2 songs in SEGA music games.
    • They have at least 1 ORIGINAL or イロドリミドリ genre song.

Artist names

  • Names of artists which are known, but from an unofficial source, are to be considered classified.
  • Japanese people's names should be written as "[given name] [surname]", i.e. the Western order.
  • For Korean names, always use surname-first for consistency, even if the artist uses Western order in certain sources (e.g. Cosmograph's website)
  • For ethnic Chinese people's names:
    • If they have an English name, use that as the page name. Example: Wilson Lam
      • In this case, on the artist page, mention the Chinese name if publicly known, and write the romanization based on the following rules.
    • If not:
      • Use [surname] [given name], i.e. Eastern name order, even if the artist themself uses the Western order.
      • Use the romanization used by the artist themself publicly, if possible.
      • For artists from mainland China and Taiwan, use Pinyin romanization.
      • For artists from Hong Kong and Macau, use Jyutping romanization.

Album Pages

  • Artist album pages should only be created if there is at least 1 ORIGINAL song on there.


  • Prefer YouTube videos to niconico videos. Prefer line-out videos to camera-recorded videos. For pre-DX maimai, prefer videos with hold notes pressed.
Recommended channels
Channel maimai pre-DX maimai DX CHUNITHM オンゲキ
  • Many players upload lineout videos to YouTube. Lower level EXPERT charts might not be included in the recommended channels above, in which case use those lineout videos, choosing based on the following criteria, sorted by descending importance:
    • Score should be as high as possible
    • 60fps
    • 1080p (720p60 trumps 1080p30)
    • As few sound effects as possible
  • For official music videos, do not use reprints. If the original video is only on niconico, use the {{nicovideo}} template with its video ID. Do not use YouTube reprints.