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This is for the CHUNITHM game feature. For the セブンスシスターズ song, see WORLD'S END.
Also, not to be confused with Worlds End.

WORLD'S END was introduced in CHUNITHM PLUS. It is a special category and chart type in the CHUNITHM series, comparable to UTAGE (宴) charts in the maimai series. It consists of charts that are modifications of regular charts or that have an unusual style. Like UTAGE, a song can have multiple WORLD'S END charts, and WORLD'S END charts are identified by a single-kanji "attribute" which corresponds to the theme or style of the chart. Unlike UTAGE, WORLD'S END charts are also rated from 1 to 5 stars, as a separate difficulty scale from the regular scale. The chart designer credit is used to give reference to the theme of the chart.

To play WORLD'S END charts, the "WORLD'S END PLAY Ticket" needed to be purchased (if matching, each player required a ticket). WORLD'S END PLAY Tickets were removed in CHUNITHM PARADISE LOST on August 5th, 2021, and added back to CHUNITHM NEW at launch.

Some WORLD'S END charts are exclusive to Course Mode.


Chart Attributes

Attribute Details

TAP notes, the start of HOLD notes, and FLICK notes are partially or completely changed to ExTAP notes. In some WORLD'S END 光 charts, HOLD and SLIDE notes were also changed to lines of ExTAP notes which can be hit by rubbing or sliding. Occasionally, the reverse is true, where ExTAP are changed to regular TAP.

Damage notes appear. These must not be touched; if hit, they count as a Miss. They count as TAP notes in notecount totals.

Notes stop scrolling at some points.

Notes stop scrolling and must be hit in time with the music.

The speed of the notes changes.

The scrolling of notes reverses at some points.

HOLD and SLIDE notes are heavily used. An especially common pattern in this type of chart is a lengthy HOLD note that lasts for several measures and covers the entire lane, so other notes must be played on top of it.

Notes are partially or completely given AIR elements (including at the ends of HOLD and SLIDE notes).

TAP notes are partially or completely changed to FLICK notes.

Note size is halved. Sometimes, the half-sized notes are aligned to the centre, left or right.

Two half-sized charts are played at once, one on the left and one on the right. The chart designer credit often gives a breakdown of what each of the two hands plays.

Large notes are divided into smaller notes with the same total size. Occasionally these notes are spaced out into a fast stair pattern.

Extremely difficult charts.
A subtype of this attribute, which first appeared in CRYSTAL PLUS, is one where the patterns of a boss song chart are transplanted into an unexpected song, particularly one from POPS & ANIME.

Notes are arranged to form part of the lyrics of the song.
Charts that require the player to hold down one HOLD note while moving their hand away from damage notes,
OR charts that are indescribable by any one attribute.
Notes fall at irregular speeds, making them appear to be in the wrong order,
OR charts that fit into multiple attributes.

Patterns of AIR notes appear that require moving one's hand in a circular motion, referring to the practice of towel-spinning at concerts.

Patterns of damage notes appear, which are identical to the pattern of regular notes. These Damage notes must be memorised, as the regular notes are difficult to read (being of unusual speed or during a stop).

Completely original charts for WORLD'S END-only songs,
OR charts that focus heavily on a single pattern from the song's original charts.

Rejected initial versions of existing charts.

Charts that contain references to other games.

The chart imitates a maimai series chart.

The chart imitates an オンゲキ series chart.

Multiple charts for the same song, one of which is chosen at random in Course Mode.

April Fools Day exclusive charts. These charts contain several unusual elements.

Used exclusively for 怒槌~光吉猛修一部謎~.

WORLD'S END Chart List

Song Attribute Difficulty Designer credit Details
Introduced in CHUNITHM PLUS
STAY AWAY ☆☆ 譜面AWAY Based on MASTER, but all notes are split into 1/16th size. It may be difficult to ensure all SLIDE are fully pressed at all times.
Altale ☆☆ 左:ADVANCED/右:EXPERT ADVANCED chart is played with the left hand, whilst EXPERT chart is played with the right. It is easiest to play some AIR notes by moving your head.
Aragami ☆☆☆ 後光荒神 Based on MASTER, but with all TAP, FLICK, and HOLD/SLIDE starts changed to ExTAP. With the more lenient ExTAP timing, perhaps this is easier than the regular chart.
B.B.K.K.B.K.K. ☆☆ 左:EXPERT/右:EXPERT EXPERT chart is played with both hands. Some parts would theoretically require 4 hands.
Invitation ☆☆ WORLD'S ENDへようこそ♪ Based on EXPERT, but all notes are split into 1/16th size. Effectively an introduction to the WORLD'S END concept. At one point, 16 HOLD notes appear at once.
GO!GO!ラブリズム♥ GO!GO!エアリズム♥ Based on EXPERT, but most notes have AIR attached. In several cases, it is best to play patterns designed for two hands with only one hand.
Theme of SeelischTact フリックマスターシズマ Based on MASTER, but with FLICK notes replacing TAP notes. In some places, TAP notes with AIR elements lose these elements, and FLICK notes are added below the ends of AIR ACTION elements. The FLICK notes that were in the original chart are changed to TAP notes.
幾四音-Ixion- From The Broken World's End/EXPERT Based on EXPERT, but with stops added in the "stuttering" parts of the song.
こころここから ここからこころここから Based on MASTER, expanding on its unique gimmick where the male vocal is charted on the left and the female on the right. The solo vocal parts are halved in size and snapped to each side, whilst chorus and instrumental parts (which previously used the whole highway) use the unused middle part. In the original chart, FLICK notes were used to distinguish a change in side; in this chart, instead of being halved in size, they are doubled.
とーきょー全域★アキハバラ? とーきょー全跳★アキハバラ? Based on EXPERT, but most notes have AIR attached. During certain two-handed patterns, it is best to keep one hand in the air and play the pattern one-handed. This is especially true when AIR are placed on the beginning of HOLDs and SLIDEs as well as the end.
Aragami ☆☆ 半gami Based on MASTER, but shrunk to half-size to fit only the central 8 lanes.
Invitation ☆☆☆ In微tation Based on MASTER, but all notes are split into 1/16th size. This can be considered a harder version of the above EXPERT-based chart.
幾四音-Ixion- ☆☆ From The Broken World's End/MASTER Based on MASTER, but with stops added in the "stuttering" parts of the song. This can be considered a harder version of the above EXPERT-based chart.
Garakuta Doll Play (sasakure.UK clutter remix) ☆☆☆☆ チュウニ譜面ボーイズ First WORLD'S END-only song and first 4-star WORLD'S END chart. Contains several WORLD'S END gimmicks such as stops, 1/16th size notes, and AIR starting SLIDE as well as 32nd stair patterns.
Help me,あーりん! ☆☆☆ せりなとなずながあーりんに助けを求める話 The first April Fools Day-exclusive WORLD'S END chart. Features gimmicks which laid the foundations of multiple WORLD'S END chart types that had not been introduced yet - 速 (speedups and slowdowns), 戻 (reverse scroll), and 歌 (SLIDE and ExTAP that are arranged to form kanji).
Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop) ☆☆☆ 指ぶっ壊れそう Based on the MASTER chart, but extremely fast TAP notes are added at some points (mostly during the fast scat parts).
ギガンティックO.T.N ☆☆ ギガンティックA.I.R Based on the EXPERT chart, but most notes have AIR attached.
elegante ☆☆ 左:ADVANCED/右:EXPERT ADVANCED chart is played with the left hand, whilst EXPERT chart is played with the right. Playing the ending of the EXPERT chart one-handed may prove too difficult for some players.
The Concept of Love ☆☆☆ The Concept of Stop Based on the EXPERT chart, but stops are placed frequently throughout. One notable feature is SLIDE being performed during a stop.
My First Phone ☆☆☆ My First 米粒 Based on the MASTER chart, but the small notes that define this chart are made even smaller.
今ぞ♡崇め奉れ☆オマエらよ!!~姫の秘メタル渇望~ ☆☆ 崇め奉れ! Based on MASTER, but with all TAP, FLICK, and HOLD/SLIDE starts changed to ExTAP. As with Aragami above, this might be considered easier than the original.
Teriqma ☆☆ Fliqma Based on MASTER, but with all TAP notes changed to FLICK notes.
The wheel to the right ☆☆☆ インド人を右に Based on MASTER, but shrunk to half size and snapped to the right side of the highway.
ナイト・オブ・ナイツ ☆☆☆ 時符「咲夜特製ストップウォッチ」 During the gameplay, the chart will stop and overlapping notes must be played in order. These stops mainly occur at ExTAP, HOLD and FLICK. The more regular parts of the chart are partially (but not entirely) taken from the MASTER chart.
B.B.K.K.B.K.K. ☆☆☆☆ .K.K.B.K.K.B.B Identical to the EXPERT chart, except with stops and reverses to throw the player off. However, during the reverse sections, the pattern is repeated, so it is possible to get a good score just by playing what is in front of you at all times.
FREEDOM DiVE ☆☆☆☆☆ CHUNi DiMENSiONS First 5-star WORLD'S END chart, deriving from FREEDOM DiVE's reputation as an Insane BMS song and stock "hard" song for any game. This chart is pure note density with no other gimmicks.
All I Want ☆☆ That's all I want Based on the MASTER chart, but FLICK notes are changed to ExTAP. Perhaps the designer credit reveals that this was what the individual charter would have preferred for the regular chart?
GO!GO!ラブリズム♥ ☆☆☆ GO↑GO↑エアリズム♥ Based on MASTER, but most notes have AIR attached. Can be considered a harder version of the EXPERT-based chart. Using your head to play some AIR notes is necessary.
閃鋼のブリューナク ☆☆☆ 先行のブリューナク Contains heavy uses of stops and reverses. Some HOLD notes appear as TAP due to being during stops, and certain notes move back after being hit to be hit again.
Introduced in CHUNITHM AIR
ぼくらの16bit戦争 ☆☆☆ ぼくらの16分割戦争 Based on MASTER with most notes split into 1/8 sections.
一触即発☆禅ガール ☆☆ 一触即発☆ダメージノーツ Based on EXPERT with damage notes added, requiring greater precision.
sweet little sister ☆☆☆ スピード設定に注意してね! Based on MASTER, but during the end of the song where the tempo accelerates, the note speed increases too.
Jack-the-Ripper◆ ☆☆ 三|'ω'|ノシ キュワーン Imitates the speed changes found in the original BMS chart.
FREEDOM DiVE ☆☆☆ //////// Based on EXPERT with rightward AIR added to almost all notes.
Your Affection (Daisuke Asakura Remix) ダメージノーツが来たら避けよう! An introduction to the new mechanics introduced in AIR. Based initially on the ADVANCED chart with a lot of changes, including damage notes and diagonal AIR notes.
GEMINI -C- GEMINI -Ex- Based on ADVANCED with all TAP and all HOLD/SLIDE starts changed to ExTAP. Probably the easiest WORLD'S END chart to score highly on.
The ether ☆☆☆ 左:EXPERT/TREPXE:右 EXPERT on the left, mirrored EXPERT on the right. May require the player to use their head to keep some AIR-HOLD notes active.
Cyberozar ☆☆☆☆ The emergency brake has been applied. Based on MASTER with several stops, speed changes, and reverses added.
GOLDEN RULE ☆☆☆ GOLDEN NOTE Based on MASTER with all TAP and all HOLD/SLIDE starts changed to ExTAP (that is, all notes become golden-colored).
いろは唄 ☆☆ 【歌ってみた】いろは唄 SLIDE notes are arranged to spell out the lyrics, particularly in the chorus. Also contains some speed changes, stops, and reverses.
Bad Apple!! feat.nomico ☆☆☆ Bad Tapple!! Based on MASTER, with several damage notes added. These are often on the sides of SLIDE (requiring more precision), and on top of AIR notes (requiring the player to make the AIR movement but not tap the note). Also, watch out for a stop near the end.
Elemental Creation ☆☆☆ スピード設定にほんっとに注意してね! Contains extreme speed changes like those found in DanceDanceRevolution (where the maximum BPM of this song is doubled to 424 BPM).
青春はNon-Stop! 3 2 1 START Imitates the gameplay of the SHOW BY ROCK!! mobile game, reproducing this song's chart. Since the original has hold note release timing, damage notes are placed at the end of HOLD here, and the Fever mode is imitated by adding ExTAP to all notes.
Genesis ☆☆☆☆ ALL GENESIS A play on the infamous one-handed trill from Genesis' MASTER chart. In this chart, one-handed trills are played with both hands. At the end, the size of the notes during the trills changes.
回レ!雪月花 ☆☆☆ 「回」で3%加速してしまう雪月花 The "but every time they say X it gets faster" meme in CHUNITHM chart form: the MASTER chart, but every time "maware" is sung, the note speed increases by 3%. By the end, the note speed is about 3 times how it started. Additionally, several new type AIR notes are added, and immediately before the last chorus, there is a stop.
チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 ☆☆ ⑨[Easy] Based on MASTER with several damage notes added... until the ending, where this chart becomes the ! type, with the player made to hold down a single HOLD and avoid damage notes in bullet hell style.
Infantoon Fantasy ☆☆☆ 避keroon Fantasy Based on EXPERT with damage notes added, often during HOLD so the player has to move their hand during the HOLD. FLICK notes and directional AIR notes are also added.
Alma ☆☆ HOLDから指を離すな! The player must hold down long HOLD notes and dodge damage notes. There are a few ExTap notes here and there, so pay attention.
明るい未来 ☆☆ 明るい譜面 Based on MASTER with all TAP and all HOLD/SLIDE starts changed to ExTAP.
君色シグナル ☆☆ フラットな譜面の作りかた The MASTER chart is played while constantly holding down a HOLD note. A major difficulty point in this chart is the visibility of notes.
DETARAME ROCK&ROLL THEORY ☆☆ DETARAME ROCK&NOTES THEORY Based on MASTER with the speeds of certain notes changed: ExTAP notes are much faster, and FLICK notes are much slower. During the second half, certain TAP notes are replaced with (faster) ExTAP. Finally, at the end, a FLICK note approaches from behind the judgement line, the first example of this trick being used in a chart.
Contrapasso -inferno- ☆☆☆ HOLDから指を離すな!(上級編) The player must hold down long HOLD notes and dodge damage notes. Harder than Alma's chart above.
砂漠のハンティングガール♡ ☆☆☆☆☆ 砂漠の月明かり Some HOLD notes are replaced with 32nd note series of ExTAP - the player must rub their hand very quickly to hit all of them. A rare example of a WORLD'S END chart to have its difficulty changed, changed from ☆☆☆☆ in AMAZON.
Oshama Scramble! ☆☆☆ チュウニ譜面ボーイズ A completely new chart with several WORLD'S END elements - speed changes, stops, reverses, and damage notes.
ジングルベル ☆☆☆☆ フリックの音が鈴の音に聞こえる Almost all TAP and ExTAP notes are changed to FLICK, simply because they sound like bells.
裏表ラバーズ ☆☆ ADVANCED/EXPERT ADVANCED on the left, EXPERT on the right.
The Concept of Love ☆☆☆☆ The Concept of Bomb The player must hold down long HOLD notes and dodge damage notes, with several ExTAP and AIR to look out for. During some tricky parts, AIR-HOLD are used to prevent the player from switching hands.
エンドマークに希望と涙を添えて ☆☆☆☆☆ エンドマークに絶望と汗を添えて Based on MASTER with AIR added to all notes, making an already intense chart even more stamina-draining.
SNIPE WHOLE ☆☆☆ かわせ!かわせ!かわせ!かわせ!かわせ! Based on MASTER with use of damage notes. In particular, during the signature pattern, instead of TAP during HOLD, damage notes are placed in the middle of long HOLD notes.
DRAGONLADY ☆☆☆☆ ( ゚д゚ )彡 Based on MASTER with extreme use of speed changes, stops, and reverses. The exception is the opening, where damage notes are used to imitate the song's official video. At the end, damage notes seem to transform into TAP notes (but they are actually passing by at very high speed, so can be accidentally hit).
SAMBISTA ☆☆ FLICK BATTLE(初級) The first FLICK BATTLE chart. Memorise the rhythms of the damage notes, then reproduce them with FLICK.
Counselor ☆☆☆☆ せぇえええええええええええええええええい Based on MASTER but with several notes moving at different speeds from each other, including HOLD starts being faster than their ends so the notes seem to wrap around. At the end, some FLICK notes approach from behind the judgement line.
We Gonna Journey ☆☆☆ FLICK BATTLE(上級) A harder FLICK BATTLE. Memorise the damage note rhythms and reproduce them with FLICK. This time, during the FLICK parts, notes stop (reminiscent of the 時 type), which means it's impossible to see what the rhythm should be without remembering.
The ether ☆☆☆☆☆ 譜面-6.25号 Based on MASTER with all notes split to 1/16 size.
FREELY TOMORROW ☆☆ 全部のFLICKをダメージノーツに差し替えた。 Based on MASTER with all FLICK notes changed to damage notes. AIR is added to damage notes in some places.
★LittlE HearTs★ ☆☆☆☆☆ 神域 A very hard chart where one-handing ability plays a key role to success. One-handed trills and double scales are some of the trickier patterns.
Change Our MIRAI! ☆☆ 左:TREPXE/EXPERT:右 Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right. Use of arms is sometimes required to hit AIR notes.
Gate of Fate ☆☆☆☆ 驚きの白さ Takes the MASTER chart's gimmick of TAP layered on HOLD to the extreme; large parts of this chart contain HOLD layered on top of HOLD on top of HOLD. Notes that appear to be ExTAP are often the start of HOLD notes, Visibility is also an issue, as well as managing to hit AIR while holding several HOLD notes at once.
Paqqin ☆☆☆ Stoppin Based on the EXPERT chart, with added stops, but also speed changes and reverses.
The Concept of Love ☆☆☆☆☆ The Concept of Bomb+ First Course Mode-exclusive WORLD'S END. Based on the !☆4 chart, with the primary differences being: added ExTAP and AIR notes move faster, and the HOLD is actually eight different HOLD notes layered on top of each other, making lifting your hand even more punishing.
Title ☆☆☆ しばらくお待ち下さい。 A simple chart, but with damage notes in the shape of "RO" that slowly approach. At first, they provide visual noise that makes it harder to see the notes, but soon they start crossing the judgement line and effort must be made to avoid hitting them.
ブルー・フィールド ☆☆ Blue Field Based on the MASTER, but a large SLIDE note is layered under the chart. It really is a "blue field". There are also some slight gimmicks involving speed changes and stops.
FEEL×ALIVE ☆☆☆ つーりんぐ!! A chart with heavy use of SLIDE, where most notes are layered on top of HOLD notes. The ideal way to play is always to follow the SLIDE. Damage notes also appear for the player's hand to slalom between.
ぶぉん!ぶぉん!らいど・おん! ☆☆ もしものせかい!! Based on EXPERT, but with all notes split into 1/16 size.
MUSIC PЯAYER ☆☆☆ ( ゚∀゚)o彡゜ミュージップレイヤー! Dodge damage notes one-handed while keeping an AIR-HOLD active. AIR-ACTION notes are added to hit during the "MUSIC PЯAYER" shouts.
Oshama Scramble! (Cranky Remix) ☆☆☆ 「パーリナイ2(祭)」でお披露目した譜面だよ As seen at the maimai×イロドリミドリ×CHUNITHM JAEPO LIVE 2017 PartyNight2~パーリナイ2~(祭) event. Contains almost too many unique elements to mention: speed tricks, reverses, damage notes used to make images, ExTAP spam, and the "headbanging" section where the player must hit AIR notes with both hands occupied by HOLD and damage notes in the middle.
あねぺったん ☆☆☆☆ わしがつるぺったんな話 2017's April Fools chart, which keeps all the gimmicks from the previous year and adds some more. Notes come at irregular speeds (including some from behind the judgement line), HOLD and SLIDE starts move faster than their ends as in Counselor, notes arranged to spell the lyrics, extremely fast FLICK spam, and a memorisation section in the middle. There is also an extra damage note approaching from behind right at the end, just to ruin your score.
The wheel to the right ☆☆☆☆ DJ-BOMB Based on the MASTER chart, with a lot of damage notes added to require more precision by the player. Some post-AIR mechanics are added in too.
檄!帝国華撃団 ☆☆ 【一部語り】檄!帝国華撃団 During the spoken interlude, large amounts of damage notes spell the words while the player simply plays AIR-HOLD/AIR-ACTION.
だんだん早くなる 全国共通リズム感テスト Tap the TAP notes to the rhythm of the song... which has several tempo changes. Damage notes will help you keep track of the current BPM. Compare the maimai song, 全世界共通リズム感テスト, to which the designer credit is a reference.
エテルニタス・ルドロジー ☆☆☆☆ 私を壊して蝕んだ One-handed trills appear throughout the chart. The verses contain HOLD and SLIDE very close together, which must be played carefully with one hand. In one section, there is a long SLIDE with lots of tick notes and TAP notes layered on top of them, so visibility is an issue. The ending from the MASTER chart is enhanced by an aerial trill of two sets of AIR-ACTION.
Reach for the Stars ☆☆☆ ハッピーバースデー!ソニック!(速いよ!) A chart made for the 26th anniversary of the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Mostly based on the MASTER chart, but note speed is about 3 times faster. Certain note types are changed to their blue equivalents (HOLD becoming straight SLIDE, and TAP becoming ultra-short SLIDE).
Blue Noise ☆☆ チュウニペンギン(上級) A recreation of charts from the PACA PACA PASSION game, where the inputs are the same as when playing Blue Noise in the original. (Full reference video here) During the second half, the scrolling starts to stutter, imitating the movement of the judgement line in the original PACA PACA PASSION.
神威 ☆☆☆☆☆ Space A recreation of the 14-key SHD chart from EZ2DJ/EZ2AC.
Air ☆☆☆☆ Air -INFINITY- A much more difficult variation of the MASTER chart. When playing the straight SLIDE notes in the middle, watch out - those are 4 layered notes, and if they are dropped, they will give large numbers of MISS. At the end, there are sections with fast TAP layered on HOLD/SLIDE.
Schrecklicher Aufstand ☆☆☆☆☆ Die Kuche† A much more difficult variation of the MASTER chart. Various AIR notes are added, SLIDE and FLICK are changed to TAP, HOLD are broken into parts, and the whole thing is much more stamina-draining.
Dengeki Tube ☆☆☆☆ チュウニ万ボルト Like the MASTER chart, but the TAP-spam parts are even more extreme.
言ノ葉カルマ ☆☆ フリック → 一部ダメージノーツ Based on the MASTER chart, but some FLICK notes are changed to damage notes - particularly at the end of HOLD, SLIDE, or trails of other FLICK notes.
Introduced in CHUNITHM STAR
Star☆Glitter ☆☆☆ 西暦2034年 A recreation of the Hard chart from the original Tokyo 7th シスターズ mobile game. Since in that game, you do not directly tap on the notes, but on a touch area separate from them, this chart imitates that. The areas where you hit notes are the outer quarters of the field; the inner quarters are occupied by damage notes expressing when you should TAP or HOLD, and the real notes approach the outer quarters from behind.
Starlight Dance Floor ☆☆ HOLD BATTLE(初級) Memorise where the damage notes land, and then imitate the rhythm with HOLD notes. Watch out, as during the chorus, the timing of the HOLD notes switches to being off-beat.
STAR ☆☆☆☆ 【祝】CHUNITHM STAR稼働!! All TAP, as well as HOLD and SLIDE starts, are replaced with ExTAP. During the chorus, the star-shaped SLIDE are replaced with bunches of ExTAP.
ひだまりデイズ ☆☆☆ 食う寝る遊ぶ-100号ちゃん An early version of the MASTER chart, with more punishing patterns like staircases and arm-tangling SLIDE. The first example of a rejected chart appearing in CHUNITHM under the 蔵 type.
elegante ☆☆☆ 割gante Based on the MASTER chart, but with notes split into 1/16 size. Many TAP-based patterns become more difficult as a result.
AMAZING MIGHTYYYY!!!! ☆☆☆☆ !!!!YYYYHTGIM A chart with heavy use of stops and reverses. There are some patterns similar to those seen in the 戻☆4 chart of B.B.K.K.B.K.K..
今ぞ♡崇め奉れ☆オマエらよ!!~姫の秘メタル渇望~ ☆☆☆☆ 崇め♡奉れEDIT Long trills of TAP, with damage notes added in between the TAP notes near the end. This is a reference to スキ☆メロEDIT, a DanceDanceRevolution EDIT chart of the song スキ☆メロ, containing just one long trill. An explanation of this meme chart may be found here.
Tidal Wave ☆☆☆ 乗るしかないこのTidal Waveに Follow the SLIDE note as it passes between damage notes. In the second half, the SLIDE note will approach from behind, meaning you only have the damage notes to see where you should be.
睡蓮花 ☆☆☆ プロペラ ※タオルの準備はOK? A repeated pattern appears that requires you to simply move one hand in a circular motion. This originates from the music video of the original 睡蓮花, where many people are seen waving hand towels at a concert. Appropriately as this song is said to have caused towel-spinning at concerts to rise in popularity, this is the first appearance of the 布 type.
taboo tears you up ☆☆☆☆☆ FLICK BATTLE(超上級) The most advanced FLICK BATTLE-type chart. The FLICK notes now emerge from behind so there is absolutely no indication of timing, they can come to more than one lane, and near the end, the damage notes start to change speed and overtake each other.
L9 ☆☆☆☆ チュウニズム開発段階での試作譜面 An early prototype chart, from when CHUNITHM was still in development (before even AIR notes were conceptualised). Only TAP notes are used.
RevolutionGame ☆☆ WORLD'S ENDへようこそ☆ Based on EXPERT, but all notes are split into 1/16 size. Similarly with Invitation, this is meant to be a WORLD'S END introduction chart.
アウターサイエンス ☆☆☆ 跳ねちゃったんでしょう? Based on the MASTER chart, but AIR is added to most notes. This results in situations like having to hit an AIR note in between two active SLIDE, which will require creative solutions.
L'épisode ☆☆☆ 時を紡ぎ出す旋律 Based on the MASTER chart, but notes are reduced in size, so a similar level of precision as to play a real piano may be required.
その群青が愛しかったようだった ☆☆☆☆☆ その分割が愛しかったようだった Based on the MASTER chart, but with notes split into 1/16 size, except FLICK, which are split into 1/8 size. As a result of the sheer number of notes being played at any one time, this has the highest maximum combo of any chart in CHUNITHM, with 7436.
玩具狂奏曲 -終焉- ☆☆☆☆☆ 譜面ボーイズからの挑戦状 The original version of the MASTER chart before it was edited into its current form by 譜面-100号.
G e n g a o z o ☆☆☆☆☆ C H U N I _ O v e r j o y This chart is made up of long 16th streams of TAP notes, which are played alongside SLIDE, AIR-HOLD, or layered on top of HOLD.
MIRU key way ☆☆ 柔らかな風がふく 僕の飛行機 A full recreation of this song's beatmania IIDX Single ANOTHER chart. At some points the position of FLICKs (scratches) switches between 1P and 2P side. Comparison video
HAELEQUIN (Original Remaster) ☆☆☆☆ 左:ADVANCED/右:EXPERT ADVANCED on the left, EXPERT on the right.
Theme of SeelischTact ☆☆☆ フリックマスターシズマEX A more advanced version of the previous WORLD'S END chart for this song introduced back in CHUNITHM PLUS; this time, all FLICK notes are split into 1/8 size.
Glorious Crown (tpz over-Over-OVERCUTE REMIX) ☆☆☆☆ ////////(/-/-/ REMIX) Based on EXPERT with rightward AIR added to almost all notes, just like the FREEDOM DiVE WORLD'S END chart of that type.
若い力 -SEGA HARD GIRLS MIX- ☆☆☆☆ 知的創造 あふれる 英知 Mostly the same as the MASTER chart... until the SEGA hardware mentions begin, and ExTAP notes are arranged to form the initials or logos of every SEGA console.
イロドリミドリ杯花映塚全一決定戦公式テーマソング『ウソテイ』 ☆☆☆☆ イロドリミドリで一番強いやつの話 April Fools chart for 2018. This chart has the feel of a double ! chart, with two HOLD notes that must be held at once while avoiding damage notes. Would probably require 2 players to get AJ on.
adrenaline!!! ☆☆☆ エロマンガフェスティバル Based on MASTER with AIR added to several notes.
青春サイダー ☆☆☆ NOW ON☆SENSATION!! During the chorus, the chart causes the hands to perform the towel-spinning motion.
悪戯 ☆☆☆☆ 可笑しな世界 Based on MASTER with a lot of tricks added, mostly being speed changes (including notes approaching from behind and overtaking each other). There is also one instance at the beginning of notes being split to 1/16 size, and two dodging sections with damage notes.
ロボットプラネットユートピア ☆☆☆ THE WORLD Notes must be hit in the correct rhythm during stops. The rules are simple: start tapping at ExTAP, keep following the TAPs, and change direction when you see a FLICK. 16th notes are spaced closer together than 8th notes. Time stops in a chart credited to "THE WORLD"... is this a JoJo reference?
ウソラセラ ☆☆☆☆☆ オオカミが二倍!本当なんだよ! The first 両 type chart where the MASTER chart is played with both hands. Creative use of arms is required for the AIR-heavy parts.
GEMINI -M- ☆☆☆☆ (■ - ■)ゞ☆ Imitates the experience of playing the maimai MASTER chart as well as possible.
volcanic ☆☆☆☆ 自然の脅威が君に襲い掛かる! A harder version of the MASTER chart, achieved by such tactics as replacing ExTAP with TAP, adding AIR-HOLD where there was none, and double notes where there were once singles.
凛として咲く花の如く ☆☆☆ やっ! Based on EXPERT with all notes split to 1/16 size.
Hyper Active ☆☆☆ 忍法・妖者の術 Based on EXPERT with added stops.
Devastating Blaster ☆☆☆☆ 連打ー!AJして友達に自慢しよう! Damage notes will show numbers, followed by TAP which are disguised as single notes, but are actually multiple. They must be hit in 16ths according to the number shown. This may include rests; for example, "1-2", seen early on, means hit-rest-hit-hit.
macrocosmos ☆☆☆☆☆ the answer to life the universe and everything Based on MASTER, but with speed changes that replicate the tempo changes of the song, and with alternate patterns that are often harder than the originals.
Starlight Disco ☆☆☆ Starlight Disco Festa A completely original WORLD'S END exclusive chart (it was changed from 改 in AMAZON PLUS, despite not being a recreation of a maimai chart like GEMINI -M-). According to Moon Strix, who created the chart, the then-recent オンゲキ was an inspiration, and so damage notes were added.
未来イマジネーション! ☆☆☆ SPECIAL YUKEMURI FESTA in AMAZON EXPERT on the left, MASTER on the right.
初音ミクの激唱 ☆☆☆☆ EXTRA EXTREME Imitates the experience of playing the EXTRA EXTREME chart of this song found in 初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone. A notable part of this chart is HOLD notes that seem to last too long, and end immediately before a TAP note starts. This is based on the mechanic of the source game where bonuses are given for holding down hold notes as long as physically possible (i.e. until a note on the same button arrives).
WARNING×WARNING×WARNING ☆☆☆☆ ほらもっともっと避けて! Hold down a HOLD note and dodge extremely large numbers of damage notes. This chart has more damage notes in it than any other - 4953 in total, representing nearly 80% of your maximum combo.
きゅうりバーにダイブ ☆☆☆ 頭お菓子なるは!っぴー The original rejected version of the MASTER chart. A notable aspect of this chart is SLIDE starts/ends used where TAP would be to create "blue TAP" notes.
D✪N’T ST✪P R✪CKIN’~[✪_✪] MIX~ ☆☆ 止まるんじゃねぇぞ... A chart full of patterns that look like constant SLIDE with AIR in the middle, but are actually separate SLIDEs with stops in between. While the SLIDE is stopped, play the AIR. Watch out, though - SLIDEs without AIR in the middle really are continuous, and must be held.
Genesis ☆☆☆☆ タオルの準備はOK? One hand performs the towel-spinning motion, while the other performs the infamous Genesis one-handed trill.
灼熱スイッチ ☆☆ ラリーを続けろ! FLICKs are added to the end of SLIDE. The chorus introduces a pattern where the player must play SLIDE one hand and do an AIR-HOLD with the other, while damage notes cover the side where the AIR-HOLD is.
風に乗せた願い ☆☆☆ (*`・∀・´*)彡 The original rejected version of the MASTER chart. This chart notably contains patterns that are much trickier to play, to read, or both (an example of both being the AIR-HOLD in the pre-chorus).
Angel dust ☆☆☆☆☆ 深淵 Pure TAP spam with no other gimmicks. This chart embraces the Insane BMS charting style, in particular its use of sections with very few or no notes in between the madness. This provides a break, but it also means there is no easy way to raise your gauge. One of very few WORLD'S END charts to have its difficulty changed (from ☆☆☆☆ in AMAZON PLUS).
G e n g a o z o ☆☆ 伸ばしてみた Heavily uses HOLD notes. Several HOLD notes' starts overlap with the ends of other HOLD notes; the player will need to abuse the width of the notes in order to hold both of them to completion. However, some notes appear to be HOLD on top of HOLD, but are instead TAP on top of HOLD, so watch out.
Pastel Party ☆☆☆ Pastel Split Party Based on EXPERT with all notes split to 1/16 size.
ようこそジャパリパークへ ☆☆☆ うー!がおー! An eclectic mix of gimmicks. Contains elements of 光 (notes in the first half and last chorus changed to ExTAP), 敷 (notes layered over a HOLD), 止 (stops), 戻 (reverses), and 歌 (SLIDE spelling out the characters for the "うー!がおー!" part).
SEVENTH HAVEN ☆☆☆☆ Are You Ready STEREO-TYPES ?? Imitates the EXPERT chart from the new Tokyo 7th シスターズ mobile game, which has more conventional gameplay than the original.
裏表ラバーズ ☆☆☆☆ ウラオモテLovers Do the opposite of what the damage notes tell you, as they are an exact mirror of the real notes. For example, if you see a damage note with downward AIR on the left, hit a TAP note with upward AIR on the right. The real notes will approach from behind. ExTAP appear in the middle, and are safe to hit.
End Time ☆☆☆☆☆ CHUNI ReQuiEm Mostly pure TAP spam, like most 狂 charts. During the break sections, there are some more unique patterns like hand-tangling HOLD switching and notes layered on top of HOLD. The final burst of this chart is extremely fast, possibly the most dense part in the game.
Glorious Crown (tpz over-Over-OVERCUTE REMIX) ☆☆☆☆☆ ////////(/-/-/ CRAZY) Like the 跳☆☆☆☆ chart of the same song, but based on MASTER instead of EXPERT. Possibly harder than even エンドマークに希望と涙を添えて's 跳☆☆☆☆☆ chart.
Twice up Scenery ☆☆ 新技術「階段割」 Based on EXPERT with some notes split to 1/16 size and staggered into fast staircase patterns.
なるがちゃんなぎにいよいよえれー目にあわされる話 ☆☆☆ イロドリミドリ・ラジオドラマ第101話 April Fools WORLD'S END chart for 2019. This time, it is not a chart of a song, but of an audio drama (that would later be included on the 伝説 CD). The challenge of this chart is to time hits with the dialogue and sound effects. One of the few WORLD'S END charts to have its difficulty changed (down from ☆☆☆☆ from CRYSTAL onwards).
怒槌~光吉猛修一部謎~ ひかるきいろよめそしたらくりあさ A puzzle chart, part of a collaboration event with AnotherVision. The chart is obviously not meant to be played by a human (being made up of parody versions of patterns from 怒槌 MASTER with long, thin SLIDE notes passing through them). The challenge for the player is to follow the SLIDE notes to their end, where one of them will end in an ExTAP. Each position on the slider corresponds to a character, in the order given in the chart credit. The starting position of the SLIDE that ended in an ExTAP is the character that should be read. This should be done 4 times, and then 4 times more with the chart mirrored, to reveal two passwords. For more information on the puzzle, see the song page.
POP TEAM EPIC ☆☆☆ あー 一面のクソミドリ Based on MASTER, but with AIR added to most notes.
アリサのテーマ ダメージノーツマスターへの道 A simple original chart that focuses on avoiding damage notes.
bubble attack ☆☆☆ 少し難しくなるMASTER Based on MASTER, but for all FLICK notes on the edge of the slider, a small damage note is added in the outermost column. This requires the player to be a lot more careful while hitting FLICK notes.
Gate of Doom ☆☆☆☆☆ 驚きの青さ A sequel to Gate of Fate 敷☆☆☆☆. This time, the chart is made up of various combinations of HOLD on top of HOLD and SLIDE on top of SLIDE, with the combination of several notes on top of each other often becoming blindingly bright.
Pastel Party ☆☆ 更にイカすSLIDE A completely different original concept chart for this song. The rejected chart focuses heavily on unusually-shaped SLIDE.
Dreaming ☆☆ そろそろ敷いても良い時期 Based on the original MASTER chart's gimmick of notes layered on HOLD, this chart features mutliple layers of HOLD notes with further notes on top of them.
Starlight Dance Floor ☆☆ TREPXE/EXPERT Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right.
サドマミホリック ☆☆☆ サドマミフリック Based on MASTER, but with several TAP notes replaced by FLICK.
Your Affection (Daisuke Asakura Remix) ☆☆☆☆ You割ffection (Daisuke Asakura Remix) Based on MASTER with all notes split to 1/16 size.
The ether ☆☆ 2→16 8・4→2 Based on MASTER with the following changes: all notes larger than 1/8 size are changed to 1/8 size, and all notes that were originally 1/8 size now fill the whole slider. This leads to some unusual patterns, like HOLD ends that overlap the next HOLD's start.
コーチンズカップ・クラシック ☆☆☆☆ 厨二級・亜馬森杯 Four HOLD notes must be held at once while dodging damage notes. Possibly intended as a four-player chart, but ALL JUSTICE has been achieved by single players.
ぼくらの16bit戦争 ☆☆☆☆ ぼくらの16分(?)TAP戦争 Tricky patterns are added into the MASTER chart, including fast streams of double thin HOLDs, and 24th TAPs that may remind players of 閃鋼のブリューナク MASTER.
卑怯戦隊うろたんだー ☆☆☆☆☆ 大きく輝くAJの2文字 Based on the MASTER chart, but with chaotic speed differences as well as reverses (including notes approaching from behind the judgement line) to throw the player off.
WAVE ☆☆☆ 割るしかない、このWAVEに Based on MASTER with all notes split to a mixture of 1/8 and 1/16 size.
頓珍漢の宴 ☆☆☆☆ お冷6つで Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right... until the second half, where it transitions into mirrored MASTER on the left and MASTER on the right.
Aragami ☆☆☆☆ 蔵gami+ Rejected original version of the MASTER chart, which was even more intense than the chart we got (which is one of the earliest charts to be now rated 14+).
Surveiller et punir ☆☆☆☆ ~【データ欠損のため観測不能】~ A much more intense version of the MASTER chart.
folern ☆☆☆☆☆ Silvius vs Astraea A much more intense version of the MASTER chart.
macrocosmos ☆☆☆☆☆ CatastroPhe"-UNIVERSE-"† The WORLD'S END ? chart, except without the speed changes, resulting in a chart that is simply a harder version of MASTER.
メニメニマニマニ ☆☆☆☆ 先輩とFULL CHAIN Based on MASTER, but with all HOLD and most SLIDE replaced with fast streams of ExTAP.
volcanic ☆☆☆ TAPの脅威が君に襲い掛かる! A complete reversal of the usual 光 gimmick; this chart is based on MASTER but with all ExTAP changed to TAP.
DETARAME ROCK&ROLL THEORY ☆☆☆ 譜面rand()号 Original concept for the MASTER chart, featuring completely different and more complex patterns.
STARTLINER STARTMINER A chart that focuses on simple use of damage notes. Not particularly difficult, especially by WORLD'S END standards.
BlythE ☆☆ "Beyond The Future" A recreation of this song's TP chart from DJMAX TECHNIKA.
玩具狂奏曲 -終焉- ☆☆☆ 玩具狂奏曲 -赤敷- As the characters "赤敷" may suggest, this chart is based on EXPERT but with a long HOLD note overlaying the chart.
StufeStern ☆☆ TREPXE?/EXPERT Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right; changes into unmirrored EXPERT on both sides for the ending.
電光石火 ☆☆☆ 電光石火の如く Based on EXPERT, but with regular TAP being replaced by extremely short HOLD. Some speed changes and stops are added for extra spice.
Dreaming ☆☆☆ そろそろ割っても良い時期 Based on MASTER with all notes except HOLD changed to 1/16 size.
ひれ伏せ愚民どもっ! ☆☆☆ 沈んじゃえー! Based on MASTER with downward AIR added to several notes.
【東方ニコカラ】秘神マターラ feat.魂音泉【IOSYS】 ☆☆☆☆ 真・タオルの準備はOK? Adds the towel-spinning motion during the chorus... using sections from other CHUNITHM MASTER charts. The first chorus contains JIGOKU STATION CENTRAL GATE's pattern, while the second contains a different, much harder pattern found in Devastating Blaster.
星の器~STAR OF ANDROMEDA Sound Only A harder alternative chart with no significant gimmicks. The 1-star rating isn't indicative of its difficulty; it's a reference to 星の器~STAR OF ANDROMEDA having a very popular chart rated 1 on the Insane BMS scale.
【3Dサウンド】小野ちゃんが真夏のビーチでスイカを叩き割る話【イヤホン推奨】 イロドリミドリ セカンドシーズン・第13.1話 For the second year in a row, an audio drama appears as a WORLD'S END chart. On top of having to time note hits to dialogue, the main gimmick for this chart is very irregular; the player must use audio cues to know when to move and stop their hand, to hold a SLIDE that is mostly invisible.
conflict(斉唱) ☆☆☆ 皆様、ご起立の上ご斉唱ください。 A much more traditional April Fools chart. Contains damage notes, notes layered on HOLD, notes that spell out characters, speed changes, and stops.
あ・え・い・う・え・お・あお!! ☆☆ くくらら☆CLIMAX Patterns from Climax MASTER are transplanted into the chart.
ロキ ☆☆ ワリワリのロックンロール Based on the EXPERT chart with all notes split into 1/16 size.
チョウの標本 ☆☆☆☆ チョウの蔵本 Prototype version of the MASTER chart, where hard-to-read parts involving differing note sizes are more prominent.
Life ☆☆ ADVANCED/EXPERT ADVANCED on the left, EXPERT on the right. There is a potential for hand placement to confuse the player at times.
WORLD'S END ☆☆☆☆ WORLD'S END/WORLD'S END A recreation of the EXPERT (in the first half) and LEGEND (in the second half) charts from the Tokyo 7th シスターズ mobile game.
Dengeki Tube ☆☆☆ ビリビリビリビリ Hold down a HOLD note and dodge the notes of the original MASTER chart.
Ai Nov ☆☆ 覚悟しなさい!! A recreation of the オンゲキ MASTER chart, with damage notes representing bullets, ExTAP representing bells, and FLICK with outward AIR representing side buttons.
bubble attack ☆☆☆ ┌────quater┐ During the first half of this chart, after hitting a note pattern, the notes quickly move backwards so the player can hit them again a total of 4 times. The second half becomes a more traditional type of 覚 chart.
Genesis ☆☆☆ Genesis type-? This designation refers to three charts, one of which is chosen at random while playing the Course Mode course Evolutionary Set. High scores are not shown, so you will not know for sure which chart you face until you play it. The major difference is in how the chart handles the famous trill. One adds AIR-ACTION next to it, one adds short HOLDs next to it, and one adds double trills, similar to the 狂 chart.
エピクロスの虹はもう見えない ☆☆☆☆ エピクロスの割はもう見えない Based on MASTER with all notes split into 1/16 size. By the end, there are large numbers of 1/16-size overlapping SLIDEs.
ZEUS ☆☆☆☆ CHUNI BOX In addition to being particularly high-density, this chart incorporates many other WORLD'S END elements, including tiny/split notes and stops.
Gate of Fate ☆☆☆ 蟹からの挑戦状 A chart that heavily focuses on the infamous "crab" section from the MASTER chart, involving zigzagging small TAP on each side.
Blessed ☆☆☆ Crossed Fingers A chart with a lot of unusual SLIDE behaviour; seemingly-straight SLIDEs will change position without warning, and some SLIDEs will unexpectedly end despite appearing to be longer than they are.
巫女みこナース・愛のテーマ ☆☆ 巫女みcosmos Patterns from macrocosmos MASTER are transplanted into the chart, as well as patterns from other songs which fit the lyrics, including Kattobi KEIKYU Rider and キュアリアス光吉古牌 -祭-. In the end, notes are arranged according to goroawase meaning.
Imperishable Night 2006 (2016 Refine) ☆☆☆☆ ?TREPXE/EXPERT Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right; changes into unmirrored EXPERT on both sides for the ending.
Taiko Drum Monster ☆☆☆ おに★★★★★★★★★★ A recreation of the Oni chart from the 太鼓の達人 game, with TAP notes replacing Don and FLICK notes replacing Kat. ExTAP are large Don notes, HOLD are used to represent rolls, and SLIDE represent balloon notes.
Fidget Dancer ☆☆☆☆ recnaD tegdiF Similar to B.B.K.K.B.K.K. 戻, with parts also quoted from AMAZING MIGHTYYYY!!!! 戻.
G e n g a o z o ☆☆☆ TAP BATTLE(初級~上級) Memorise the damage notes, then recreate them with TAP. At the end, the player is asked to memorise the TAP patterns from the original EXPERT chart.
輪舞-revolution ☆☆ 輪舞-partition- Based on EXPERT with notes split into a mixture of 1/8 and 1/16 size.
Memory of Beach ☆☆☆ from EMOTIONAL SENSE A recreation of the 5-key SC chart from DJMAX Online. All notes are TAP.
《逃避》 ~ The Deserter ☆☆☆ 《回避》 ~ The Damage Notes Based on MASTER with damage notes added, and often replacing TAP notes.
恋はりんりん☆あーりんベル ☆☆☆ [PR] あーりん・デビューシングル NOW ON SALE!! April Fools chart for 2021. The primary feature is that this chart is call-and-response, like in an idol concert. When the appropriate time comes (according to the lyrics), play the correct pattern (which comes at a high speed). Since it is an April Fools chart, there is naturally the section with notes spelling out lyrics at the end.
パリピ孔明 CMソング ☆☆ It's・・・Party Time! While not part of the April Fools event, it was released on that day, is suitably unusual, and was removed shortly after. A series of unusual patterns, including a reference to macrocosmos' chart.
LINK LINK FEVER!!! HARD A recreation of the HARD chart from GROOVE COASTER. One of the signature features of GROOVE COASTER, the AD-LIB notes which are invisible, is recreated with ExTAP that approach from behind.
裏表ラバーズ ☆☆☆ EXTREME A recreation of the EXTREME chart from 初音ミク -Project DIVA- (console version). The quirk from 初音ミクの激唱 招, of HOLD notes that are held much longer than one would expect, is retained.
音弾超人ゴリライザー ☆☆☆ 現実はそんなに甘くない Notes are arranged throughout to force one-handing tricky patterns like trills. The "2356 beam" part is replaced fully with TAP notes.
董卓討つべし ☆☆ |とう|たく|うつ|べし| Repeat the vocal samples. Each quarter of the lane corresponds to "とう", "たく", "うつ", or "べし". More complex patterns appear in the second half.
《本能》 ~ ReCoda ☆☆☆ 《半能》 ~ ReSize Based on MASTER, but all notes are halved in size, meaning all notes that were 1/8 size (of which there are a lot in the original chart) are now 1/16 size.
Introduced in CHUNITHM NEW
お願いマッスル ☆☆☆ おかげさまで譜面割れました Based on MASTER with notes split into a mix on 1/8 and 1/16 size.
もってけ!セーラーふく ☆☆☆ F R E E Z E!! Based on MASTER with speed changes and stops to throw the player off. One other difference from MASTER is the presence of a series of TAP/AIR stairs during the chorus.
真千年女王 ☆☆☆ 真五百年女王 Based on MASTER, but all notes are halved in size. The notes start snapped to the right, then move to the centre, and finally to the left.
タテマエと本心の大乱闘 ☆☆ 遊んであげるわ A recreation of the オンゲキ MASTER chart.
砂漠のハンティングガール♡ ☆☆☆ 砂漠のフリッキングガール♡ Based on MASTER with all TAP replaced by FLICK.
U ARE ☆☆ W ARE Mirrored EXPERT on the left, EXPERT on the right.
Trackless wilderness ☆☆☆☆ Demon's Cry A more intense version of the MASTER chart. As this chart first appeared in Class Certification mode, perhaps the greatest difficulty point is the presence of a life bar.
Trrricksters!! ☆☆☆☆☆ eresHkigAl Difficult patterns from the MASTER chart's second half are moved to the first half. During the second half, the directions of AIR arrows are reversed (what was previously an upward AIR is now a downward one). To match this, AIR-HOLD in these sections are the same purple colour that downward AIR are.
五等分の気持ち ☆☆ 五等分の赤譜面 Based on EXPERT with all notes split into 1/16 size, which mostly splits them into fifths.
BLUE ZONE ☆☆ EVER BLUE ZONE Based on EXPERT, layered on top of a single SLIDE note.
It's speculated that this chart is what caused the change of the standard colour of an AIR-SLIDE path from blue to green, so the chart would be readable.
やらなきゃいけないことばかり ☆☆☆ 弾かなきゃいけないとこばかり A chart that exclusively follows the piano in the song. Since the piano playing in this song is quite complex, this leads to a complex chart.
Nijirate Fanatics ☆☆☆ ク〇譜面三銃士を連れてきたよ Almost too many gimmicks to mention. Speed changes and reverses, damage notes in unpleasant places, and a damage-dodging section. The most notable feature of this chart is the "ク〇譜面三銃士" section, where references to all three offending charts are played at the same time.
チャージマン研! ☆☆ チャージング業! Patterns from 業 -善なる神とこの世の悪について- MASTER are transplanted into the chart.
D✪N'T ST✪P R✪CKIN' ~[✪_✪] MIX~ ☆☆☆ 長いのが2倍 All HOLD, SLIDE, and AIR-HOLD patterns appear in their usual positions and in the mirror image of their positions on the other side of the lane.
Viyella's Tears ☆☆☆☆ 私と勝負だよ! A recreation of the オンゲキ MASTER chart. A much harder base chart than the previous 撃 chart results in a more difficult experience here, and differences in gameplay between the two games only emphasise this. In particular, the rest area with a lot of Bells from the original is replaced with an ExTAP scratching nightmare.
Therapeutic Hoedown ☆☆☆ お薬間違えました An experimental chart which was apparently based on a prototype version of MASTER, modified with mechanics introduced in NEW.
きゅうりバーにダイブ ポコらないダイブ、WE蔵…頭お菓子なるは!っぴー Based on MASTER with TAP, FLICK, and the starts of HOLD and SLIDE changed to ExTAP.
XL TECHNO -More Dance Remix- ☆☆☆☆ ワリワリパッションSP(超上級) Based on MASTER with all notes split in half, resulting in a notecount that is double that of MASTER. According to staff comments, the original plan was for the notes to be split into 1/16 size, but no one could clear it.
宙の隣 ☆☆☆ Cosmic Velocity Based on EXPERT, but speed changes occur according to the feel of the song, particularly slowing to almost a complete stop when certain effects are used.
ラグトレイン ☆☆ ADVANCED/EXPERT ADVANCED on the left, EXPERT on the right.
アルストロメリア ☆☆☆☆ Over the "ULTIMA" A prototype version of the ULTIMA chart which is significantly trickier than the original.
Elemental Ethnic ☆☆ Elemental Stopping Based on EXPERT but with various stops added. At the end, there is a section where ExTAP overlap but are still meant to be hit separately.
ダブルラリアット ダブル割リアット Based on MASTER with notes divided into a mix of 1/8 and 1/16 size.
]-[|/34<#! ☆☆☆☆ 跳蜂 Based on EXPERT with upward AIR added to all TAP and HOLD notes.
Aragami 後光荒神+ An upgraded revival of the 光☆☆☆ chart, in which the starts of HOLD/SLIDE are also changed to ExTAP. The change in difficulty is due to the far fewer points where it possible to get anything other than JUSTICE CRITICAL.
Love & Justice ☆☆☆☆☆ make you unhappy The song that ends Insane BMS Kaiden finally gets its 狂 chart. This chart adopts the same signature Insane BMS style as Angel dust's above, being full of extremely high density parts mixed with very sparse parts.
Introduced in CHUNITHM SUN
FIRE BIRD EXPERT A recreation of the EXPERT chart from the バンドリ!ガールズバンドパーティ! mobile game.
まっすぐ→→→ストリーム! ☆☆ 千夏ストリーム! An original chart full of trills and jacks. The chorus becomes one long trill, for another スキ☆メロEDIT reference in CHUNITHM.
Baqeela ☆☆☆ 千夏ふるぱわーーー! Another recreated オンゲキ MASTER chart. This time, different coloured AIR-SLIDE are used to simulate lane width and the coloured lines on オンゲキ's play field.
Random ☆☆☆ Techno Kitchen + ? A set of six charts played at random in the Class Certification course, RANDOM. This is used to imitate the prominent music-changing gimmick in the song's original BMS appearance (as CHUNITHM doesn't normally have this capacity). The chart remains the same as MASTER up to the point of divergence.
さんさーら! ☆☆ ■■■■■■■■■■■■ A large wall of AIR-CRUSH obscures the player's vision. Perhaps this is showing the player the experience of someone who has a black bar over their eyes at all times, as ARuFa does...
ENDYMION ☆☆☆☆ SINGLE CHALLENGE A recreation of the DDR Single CHALLENGE chart. However, any speed changes are absent. During the ending section, normal notes are no longer used. Instead, an imitation of the DDR display (using AIR-SLIDE lines to make coloured arrows) shows up, and the player must hit notes that approach from behind.
創世のコンツェルティーナ ☆☆☆ 蔵世のコンツェルティーナ The prototype version of the MASTER chart, featuring more fast TAP bursts than the final version.
Satellite System ft.Diana Chiaki ☆☆☆☆ 徳の力 Based on EXPERT, with stops added all over. Hopefully you remember the rhythms, as there's no visual feedback to help you.
ホーリーサンバランド ☆☆☆☆☆ SUSHITHER An original, very intense chart. This chart has a lot of points where large numbers of notes are hit at once, as with this song's BMS origins.
The Metaverse -First story of the SeelischTact- ☆☆☆ -Shining Notes of the SeelischScore- Based on MASTER, but TAP and the starts of HOLD/SLIDE are replaced with ExTAP. Even with this decrease of scoring difficulty, it's still based on a Level 15 chart. Perhaps this is a good way to practice before diving into the original chart.
4月1日でございました ☆☆☆ ダメージノーツもございました The first non-Irodorimidori 嘘 chart. Relatively modest compared to April Fools charts in the past, but still features tricks like speed changes, damage notes in awkward places, and AIR abuse. There are several jokes included in the chart; first of all, the rhythm of the count-in is the opening melody, and then there is a count-in in the middle of the song.
【3Dサウンド】小夜ちゃんが秘密裏に手に入れたヤベエ機材でヤベエ音を録る話【イヤホン推奨】(EDテーマ:A.S.S.S.M.R.) ☆☆☆ イロドリミドリ・ラジオドラマ第103話 As has become tradition in recent years, an Irodorimidori audio drama is charted. This time, it's an ASMR audio. The challenge in this one is both reproducing the rhythm of dialogue and sound effects, and doing so while not being distracted by the impressive visuals. This ends with a short part of a song titled A.S.S.S.M.R., which has been released separately on digital sites.
なにやってもうまくいかない ☆☆ なにやってもうまくいかない Based on MASTER, but with all ExTAP replaced with TAP.
Aleph-0 ☆☆☆☆☆ 全世界共通押し直し選手権 Based on ADVANCED, with a long HOLD note at the right. All TAP notes have been replaced by damage notes, and as all TAP notes fill the entire lane, the player must rapidly lift their hand off the HOLD and press it again to avoid breaking combo. It seems antithetical to the mechanics of the game, and yet, AJ was achieved within SUN PLUS's release.
痛快リズムアクション「B.B.K.K.B.K.K.」 ☆☆ RAP BATTLE(超痛快) Memorise the damage notes (and the vocals), and repeat them. Bass = 1/8 size TAP, Kick = 1/4 size FLICK. AIR will also appear later on.
モア!ジャンプ!モア! ☆☆ モア!ジャンプ!モア!ジャンプ!モア! Based on MASTER with AIR added to most notes. In some patterns, two hands are obviously not enough, such as a trill with AIR when both hands are holding HOLD.
お空のニュークリアフュージョン道場 ☆☆ EXPERT+ / ADVANCED+ EXPERT on the left, ADVANCED on the right. Both charts have been slightly modified. Watch out for the forced 16th trills on the EXPERT side.
Revived ☆☆☆ Am I already dead...? A chart designed to tire the player's arms out very quickly, whether it be with the AIR-CRUSH spam or by forcing them to play one-handed 12th trills at 290BPM.
M.S.S.Planet ☆☆☆ M.S.S.Split Based on MASTER with all notes split into 1/16 size. This makes playing the SLIDE that spell out characters significantly harder.
ETERNAL DRAIN ☆☆☆ SIGNALION -Voltage- An original, advanced chart with bursts of TAP that don't seem to fit the song. These have drawn comparisons to the well-known "ETERNAL DELAYMASTER" BMS chart.
月の光 ☆☆☆☆ 蔵の光 A completely different prototype chart, being mostly made up of TAP. The extremely low notecount makes it difficult to score highly on. There are also speed changes added to mimic the expressive tempo rubato of the audio.
The 蔵 attribute means there's a universe where this chart was the one released...
セカイはまだ始まってすらいない MASTER/Lv29 A recreation of the MASTER chart from the プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク mobile game.
フリーフォール Based on EXPERT with downward AIR added to all notes. As with Trrricksters!!, AIR-HOLD becomes the purple colour of downward AIR.
人生攻略☆Tips WORLD'S ENDへようこそ♪ Based on EXPERT with all notes split into 1/16 size. Watch out for the spreading SLIDE at the end of the chorus.
As is tradition, a CHUNITHM song with Ruko Araba as its character receives a low-level WORLD'S END 割 chart...
Parad'ox ☆☆☆☆☆ Xr'oss Fortune A more intense version of the MASTER chart. As with many charts released as Class Certification exclusives, the real challenge is playing this chart with a life bar.
otorii INNOVATED -[i]3- ☆☆☆☆☆ MSИ-006 A more intense version of the MASTER chart, with WORLD'S END tricks added such as speed changes, stops, and extra AIR added.
うまぴょい伝説 ☆☆ ADVANCED/EXPERT ADVANCED on the left, EXPERT on the right.
シル・ヴ・プレジデント シク・ヴ・プレジデント Based on EXPERT with full-width HOLD added. The main challenge is visibility, as there 6 layered HOLD in the first chorus and 12 in the second chorus, making the field dazzlingly bright.
レーイレーイ ☆☆ マ? Based on MASTER with ExTAP moving faster and FLICK moving slower, as with DETARAME ROCK&ROLL THEORY. Additionally, the "マ?" parts move fastest of all. The ending has different changes, with note speed being essentially random.
【ゆっくり実況】ゆっくりペンギンが怒槌をやってみた! Part1 ☆☆☆☆ ゲキ!チュウマイ公式ちゃんねる This song is a parody of the "Yukkuri commentary" trend, where deformed Touhou Project heads comment over existing videos with text-to-speech voices. This chart is mostly just the MASTER chart of 怒槌, with those voices commenting over it. Occasionally, the song speeds up (to skip over "less interesting" parts, which makes the chart harder) and at one point it repeats the same pattern multiple times.
ラストバトル ~サシュウとの戦い~ ☆☆☆ ©︎2024 CHUNITHM A fairly traditional WORLD'S END 嘘 chart featuring a wide variety of irregular patterns, as well as speed changes.
セガサターン起動音[H.][Remix] ☆☆☆☆ 階段タップ検定起動音 A series of stairs of TAP notes. This is a reference to the UTAGE chart of the same song in maimai, with a circle of TAP in a similar way.
タイムカプセル ☆☆☆ I say hello Based on MASTER with speed changes and stops. Stops happen during stairs of TAP or FLICK. Otherwise, much of the chart is played at a lower speed than usual. During the chorus, the chart drops backward to play a repeated pattern (like with bubble attack 覚).
ガチ恋ラビリンス ☆☆☆ ガチ♡ラビEDIT The entire chart is made up of hand crossover patterns like the one in the chorus of the original MASTER chart.