maimai LIVE 2014 ~洗濯祭~

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maimai LIVE 2014 ~洗濯祭~ was a live concert held on August 30th and 31st, 2014 from 13:00 to 19:00, as part of the "JAPAN GAMER’S LIVE" event in Tokyo Big Site TFT Hall. Regular tickets were sold for 3000 yen (tax included). Since 10:00 on August 9th, student tickets were available for 1800 yen (tax included), and require student IDs to be shown. Students who already bought the regular ticket were eligible for refund at the venue.

maimaiゴージャス★つめあわせBOX was announced at this event.

Goods that were handed out to all attendees include:


Performing artists include:

Track # Song Notes
1 Intro x Streak
2 Night Fly
3 Starlight Disco
4 恋愛サーキュレーション
5 maimaiちゃんのランダム選曲のテーマ(Remix)
6 Sweetiex2
7 とんでけ☆いたいの2014 Vocal arrangement of a song from 三国志大戦. This was not originally in the schedule, but a SEGA stuff requested its addition upon listening to the song.
8 きみのためなら死ねる (full version)
9 レッツゴー!陰陽師
10 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました
11 お嫁にしなさいっ!
12 究極焼肉レストラン!お隣の地獄亭!
13 患部で止まってすぐ溶ける ~狂気の優曇華院~
14 チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室
15 IOSYS intro
16 Spin me harder feat. Asana
17 ぐるぐるWASH! コインランドリー・ディスコ Special version only for this live
t+pazolite / Masayoshi Minoshima
18 CYCLES Mei Ayakura appears on stage to sing
19 Lionheart Takahito Rute Koshida from A-One appears on stage to sing
20 Beat Of Mind
21 In Chaos
22 Beat of getting entangled
23 Bad Apple!! feat.nomico
24 Riders Of The Light
25 言ノ葉カルマ
26 Get Happy
28 Heartbeats
29 We Gonna Party
31 オパ!オパ!RACER -GMT mashup-
32 Acceleration
33 End of Twilight
34 Unlimited Spark!
35 Blew Moon
36 Like the Wind [Reborn]
37 Reach For The Stars
38 Garakuta Doll Play
39 Cosmic Train
40 The Concept of Love
41 Starlight
42 Tetrominon ~From Russia with Blocks~
43 パニックレーサー005
44 Pixel Voyage
45 maimaiちゃんのテーマ
46 猫に囲まれて暮らしたい
47 左折して右折して
48 幻想のサテライト
49 儚きもの人間
50 みんなの
51 待チ人ハ来ズ。
52 響縁
53 囲い無き世は一期の月影
54 最速最高シャッターガール
55 Help me, ERINNNNNN!!
56 ナイト・オブ・ナイツ
57 シアワセうさぎ
58 ウサテイ
59 みんなのマイマイマー
60 林檎華憐歌 beatMARIO's mother appears on stage to sing.
61 タカハせ!名人マン Takahashi Meijin appears on the stage to sing.
SEGA Sound Unit [H.]
62 セガサターン起動音[H.][Remix]
63 Ignite Infinity
64 ソーラン節
65 ネコ日和。 Covered by Amane
66 BaBan!! -甘い罠- Performed by Maya Ayahane
67 檄!帝国華撃団(改) Performed by Maya Ayahane
68 デコボコ体操第二 Performed by Maya Ayahane and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
69 炎歌 ~ほむらうた~ Covered by beatMARIO's mother
70 Burning Hearts ~炎のANGEL~
71 バラライカ
72 源平大戦絵巻テーマソング

Minna de maimai shinkyoku tsukurou kikaku

Minna de maimai shinkyoku tsukurou kikaku (みんなでmaimai新曲つくろう企画, "let's create a maimai new song with everybody" project) was revealed to be a part of the Sentakusai event beforehand.

On August 23rd, a choreography video was uploaded to niconico, with mai-Star and maimai-chan dancing the choreography required in the movie for welcome to maimai!! with マイマイマー, along with a prototype instrumental version of the song.

During the breaks of the concert, players were asked to wear the maimai-chan mask and dance according to the video. A video recording of the venue, with the audience's interactions, was later used as the background movie of the song when it was added to the game in maimai ORANGE. The voices of the audience's call were also integrated into the song.

maimai ORANGE senkou shiyuu kai (『maimai ORANGE』先行試遊会)

About 40 randomly chosen players could play two unpublished charts (Reach For The Stars (video) and 脳漿炸裂ガール (video); both ended up as 蔵-attribute Utage charts years later) on the then-upcoming maimai ORANGE from 12:00 at the venue. Players interested needed to register to enter the random selection process from 9:00 to 11:30.


The event also saw SEGA's collaboration with SHARP and Pine, because the maimai cabinet looks like a washing machine, and the yellow simultaneous notes look like Pine's pineapple candies. Two SHARP washing machines with stickers that made them look like maimai cabinets were put on display at the event, and the maimai ORANGE cabinets available for play during the event had the simultaneous notes in-game changed to pineapple candies.

In February 2015, SEGA teased about a follow up of the collaboration with SHARP (Famitsu news article), with a new song made by Hiro. This song was created but never released.

In November 2015, SHARP released the imaginary "product catalogue" of the maimai lookalike washing-drying machine in digital form on its own ebook store, Galapagos Store. It was originally distributed physically at the 2014 Sentakusai event. (Excite news article)

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