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In Freedom Mode, the player inserts 2 credits to play for 10 minutes (12 if using a Freedom Pass), instead of being limited to a set number of songs. It's only available when playing single-player mode.

A countdown timer is shown on the screen of the unused side. The timer counts down during song selection, gameplay, and the result screen, but not at the area progression screen. If the timer reaches zero while a song is playing, that song can be played to the end. The player can exit Freedom Mode prematurely by scanning the same Aime card that was used to login.

Before Splash PLUS, Area progression and the leveling up of Tour Members are disabled after 6 songs.

Since Splash PLUS, Area progression and the leveling up of Tour Members are disabled entirely in Freedom Mode. Instead, a "Area progression 1.5x Ticket" is obtained, and can be used in normal mode playthroughs afterwards.

Recommended practice:

  • Decide what song to play beforehand, to avoid wasting time during song selection.
  • Skip the result screen immediately. If you want to take a photo of your result, do so at the end of the game.
  • Choose short songs. The shortest songs in maimai are 82 seconds long (HALFPIPE TOKYO songs). Anime songs are usually less than 2 minutes long. Avoid longer songs that might be around 2:30, like Vocaloid songs added since DX.
  • Use Freedom Mode when you anticipate that the track skip feature would be used many times, for example when aiming for ALL PERFECT.
  • Use a Freedom Pass. 2 more minutes often gets you another song to play.