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HALFPIPE TOKYO is an attraction in SEGA's amusement park, TOKYO JOYPOLIS. In this attraction, 2 players are strapped to a swinging "pillar", try to spin with synchronized timing to get a high score, and compete with other 2-player groups.

Songs played in HALFPIPE TOKYO are all 82 seconds in length. They are composed by doujin artists specifically for this attraction, and are added into the JOYPOLIS genre in maimai since maimai PLUS. The original composition for some songs might be longer than 82 seconds; they were cut to 82 seconds for the attraction, while maimai has the full versions.

SEGA has been gradually de-emphasizing the attraction:

  • the JOYPOLIS songs added since maimai ORANGE were no longer released in HALFPIPE TOKYO-branded albums; they were only released in maimai OSTs.
  • since maimai PiNK, the ORIGINAL and JOYPOLIS genres are merged, and new JOYPOLIS songs are no longer announced as such. Therefore, it's impossible to know which new songs were JOYPOLIS (HALFPIPE TOKYO) songs without going to TOKYO JOYPOLIS in person.
  • since maimai でらっくす, the JOYPOLIS name is gone. The "ORIGINAL & JOYPOLIS" genre was renamed to simply "ORIGINAL" in でらっくす, before being split into "maimai" and "オンゲキ & CHUNITHM" genres in でらっくす PLUS.

For the list of JOYPOLIS songs before PiNK, see maimai:ORANGE PLUS/Complete Songlist#JOYPOLIS.

ENJOY POLIS, added in maimai FiNALE, is probably a JOYPOLIS song, considering its title and that it's sung by LOPIT, the mascot of TOKYO JOYPOLIS.


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