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Tickets (Japanese: チケット, Chinese: 功能票), added in maimai でらっくす Splash PLUS, are items that boost Area progress, similar to Tickets in CHUNITHM.

When a game is played in Freedom Mode or Grade Certification, Area progression is disabled, and an "Area progress 1.5x ticket" is obtained. 5 of this ticket can be stored at most; if more are obtained, they're discarded. Other than this, there's also "Area progress 2x ticket" and "Area progress 3x ticket". One of these can be purchased before starting the game, and is used immediately when purchased (i.e. it cannot be stored).

The cost of 2x and 3x tickets are the same as the money needed to run the boosted distance, so it only serves to allow players to run faster in Areas.

In the goods campaign that ends on May 8th, 2021, each credit (¥100) spent is worth 1pt, and that includes buying tickets, so buying tickets is a good way to get points faster without wasting the game (i.e. enter Freedom Mode and quit immediately).

The effect of Tickets on Tour Members' level up speed is stackable with the Gold DX Pass (2x).

Example: When using a 1.5x ticket and a DX Pass, each Tour Member's level increases 1 × 1.5 × 3 (3 tracks) × 2 (DX Pass) = 9 for each credit.

From July 12th to August 31st, 2021, to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the maimai series, a 5x ticket is given for free at the end of a credit. The ticket expires on August 31st.

Postponed to September 15th, the last day of Splash+.
Ticket Effect Price Notes
2x Tour Members' level up speed and Area distance x2 ¥100 Purchase at ticket selection screen, used immediately
3x Tour Members' level up speed and Area distance x3 ¥200
1.5x Tour Members' level up speed and Area distance x1.5 N/A Not purchasable; only given after a session of Freedom Mode or Grade Certification
5x Area distance x5 N/A Given for free (see above)