Little Twinkle

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Song Information

Little Twinkle's jacket.

Artist: 曲: 馬渕直純 / 歌: 東雲 つむぎ(CV:和泉 風花)
Composition/Arrangement: Naozumi Mabuchi
Lyrics: ?
Vocals: Tsumugi Shinonome (CV: Fuuka Izumi)
BPM: 125
Length: 2:32
オンゲキ Genre: オンゲキ
オンゲキ Opponent: 東雲 つむぎ Lv.18
First Music Game Appearance: オンゲキ bright MEMORY
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


None yet.

Song Connections / Remixes

  • An extended version of Little Twinkle appears on the USB part of the ONGEKI Vocal Memory soundtrack.
    • An instrumental version also appears on this soundtrack, alongside the game size version.


  • Little Twinkle is available in オンゲキ bright MEMORY from April 7th, 2022 as part of the Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I. Chapter, Summer Memory. It is available when the Chapter first appears, and it can be unlocked by playing it in the Chapter and scoring 100% total damage.
    • From March 7th, 2024, it is available by default.

Genre Changes


Difficulty & Notecounts

オンゲキ difficulty rated 1 to 15+ from bright MEMORY onwards.
(Ratings and notecounts obtained from maimai on gamerch, and CHUNITHM and オンゲキ wikis on wikiwiki.)


Game Level
Basic Advanced Expert Master Lunatic
Notecounts / BELLs 343 / 33 499 / 59 829 / 210 866 / 116 -
Chart Designer - - うさぎランドリー 緑化委員長 -
オンゲキ bright MEMORY→Present 2 6 9 12 -