Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I.

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This is for the Chapter series. For the song, please see Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I..

Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I. is a new set of chapters with a new unlock system in オンゲキ bright MEMORY.
These chapters use different mechanics than older chapters, so the mechanics are documented here.


All Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I. chapters start out hidden, and must be unlocked by fulfilling certain unlock conditions.

Chapter name Date added Corresponding version Unlock condition
Spring Memory 2022/03/03 1st ~ PLUS Play STARTLINER and Jump!! Jump!! Jump!! consecutively
(in either order)
Summer Memory 2022/04/07 SUMMER ~ SUMMER PLUS Play 最強 the サマータイム!!!!! and Splash Dance!! consecutively
(in either order)
Autumn Memory 2022/05/19 RED ~ RED PLUS Play No Limit RED Force and STARRED HEART consecutively
(in either order)
Winter Memory 2022/06/23 bright Play STARTLINER, 最強 the サマータイム!!!!!, No Limit RED Force, and Transcend Lights consecutively
(in any order)
Ongeki Memory 2022/06/23 All versions Play Op.I《fear-TITΛN-》, MarbleBlue., Stardust:RAY, and 光焔のラテラルアーク consecutively
(in any order). You must clear all memory maps of the previous memory chapters before proceeding.
END CHAPTER 2022/06/23 All versions Unlock µ3 or HEADLINER

How to play

When a chapter is chosen for the first time, the story is forced to be played. (Caution: long. If it's skipped, it can be played again from the chapter.)
If no Memories of O.N.G.E.K.I. chapters have been chosen before, a tutorial image would appear.

When a chapter is chosen, local matching cannot be played.
In each chapter, there's card bonus as in silver jewel events. If the specified card is used, completion bonus would increase.
Chapter jewels can be exchanged to 第5章 jewels one-to-one, but not vice versa. Almighty jewels cannot be used or exchanged.

Besides what's mentioned above, the mechanics are mostly the same as before. However, a dedicated unlock system "memory" exists.


After the mission result is shown, a graphical effect would always be shown.
The character set as navi-voice goes towards Navi-nyan. When the character reaches Navi-nyan, "GOAL" would be shown. The item / task track is displayed in the chapter.
Reaching the goal just gives you the right to obtain the item/song, and does not actually give you the item/song. To obtain it, you need to buy the item or clear the task for the song.

The progress is as follows. Score does not affect progress.

  • 1 song: "progress degree" 1 (Translator's note: I can't find a better word)
  • Songs added in the versions that are associated with the chapter: progress bonus (exact amount unknown)
  • Multiply by the multiplier of jewel boost, if used (2x -> amount for 2 songs, 9x -> amount for 9 songs)

If task tracks are unlocked, even if you got the right to unlock the next task track due to memory progress, if the current task is not completed, the next track will not be unlocked.
This does not affect memory progress. Even if no tasks are completed at all, you can proceed to the end.

For contents that can be unlocked, see the respective chapter pages.


On ONGEKI-NET, only unlocked chapters are shown. If no chapters are unlocked, no chapters would be shown on ONGEKI-NET in the first place.
memory rewards and what's available for the next memory are also not shown unless you reached the goal.

The number of songs required for memory is not shown on ONGEKI-NET, so there's no way to check it other than to calculate from the "progress degree".

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