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GO SEGA - 60th ANNIVERSARY Album - is a special album to commemorate the 60th anniversary of SEGA. It contains 108 music tracks from SEGA games spanning from 1979's arcade game "Head On" to 2020's "Astro City Mini".

Album Information

  • Release date: 2021/3/24
  • Catalog number: WM-0806~9
  • Published by: Wave Master

Track List

Bold numbers denote that this is the first time the track has ever been released in a retail album.

Bold song titles are linked to remixed / re-arranged versions of the song that is in one of Sega's music games.

Disc 1

# Title Game Platform
01. Amazing SEGA ~New Corporate Identity~ (Top Ver.)
02. SEGA Sound Logo(SEGA Call)
03. Company Song(若い力/135)
04. Gameplay sounds Head On AC
05. Gameplay sounds Monaco GP AC
06. Gameplay sounds Tranquilizer Gun AC
07. Main BGM / popcorn Pengo AC
08. Main BGM / Rydeen Super Locomotive AC
09. Title ~ Odd-numbered stages ~ Odd-numbered stages cleared ~ Even-numbered stages ~ Even-numbered stages cleared Congo Bongo SG
10. Theme - cleared Flicky AC
11. Teddy Boy Blues Teddy Boy Blues AC
12. Main BGM Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom SG
13. Main Theme Hang-On AC
14. Main Theme Space Harrier AC
15. Opa-Opa! Fantasy Zone AC
16. FM Funk Quartet AC
17. Main Theme Enduro Racer AC
18. Magical Sound Shower OutRun AC
19. Alex Kidd Alex Kidd in Miracle World MKⅢ
20. HAYA-OH Space Harrier MKⅢ
21. Green Sleeves ~ arm moving UFO CATCHER DX AC
22. System Down SDI AC
23. Sprinter Super Hang-On AC
24. After Burner -With Melody- After Burner II AC
25. Type II Thunder Blade AC
26. Dungeon 1 -FM Ver.- Phantasy Star MKⅢ/MS
27. Beyond the Galaxy Galaxy Force II AC
28. Like the Wind Power Drift AC

Disc 2

# Title Game Platform
01. 原始~起~ -勇者達のテーマ- Gain Ground AC
02. Rush a Difficulty Turbo OutRun AC
03. Rise or Fall Phantasy Star II MD
04. 荒野 Golden Axe AC
05. THE SHINOBI The Revenge of Shinobi MD
06. Clotho Columns AC
07. Earth Frame G R360 [G-LOC] AC
08. Star Light Zone ~Mega Drive version~ Sonic the Hedgehog MD
09. Startup sound N/A Mega CD
10. Waiting Your Entry Virtua Racing AC
11. Sonic - You Can Do Anything ("GREEN HILLS ZONE" BGM) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 GG
12. Go Straight Streets of Rage 2 MD
13. それゆけ!ココロジン -1993-/光吉猛修 それいけ!!ココロジー AC
14. Beginning -Advertize- Virtua Fighter AC
15. The end of millennium Phantasy Star IV MD
16. Let's Go Away Daytona USA AC
17. 組曲 レールチェイス・ザ・ライド 英雄復活編 ATP
18. Gang Headquarters Virtua Cop AC
19. Beginning -舞~新たなる挑戦のはじまり~- Virtua Fighter 2 AC
20. Startup sound N/A SS
21. AM2 Sound Logo
22. Replay Virtua Racing Deluxe 32X
23. 飛翔 ~Episode 1 -Orchestra Version- Panzer Dragoon SS
24. Emerald Hill Sonic Drift 2 GG
25. Armstone Town Day Fighting Vipers AC
26. Desert Replay Sega Rally Championship SS
27. In the Blue Sky Virtual On AC
28. Dreams Dreams NiGHTS into dreams... SS
29. 檄!帝国華撃団/横山智佐(真宮寺さくら)&帝国歌劇団 Sakura Wars SS

Disc 3

# Title Game Platform
01. Flight in the Dark/Hiroko Hamano Scud Race AC
02. セガサターン/せがた三四郎 ~CMソング~(セガサターン、シロ!/せがた三四郎 [藤岡 弘、])
03. Burning Hearts ~炎のANGEL~/光吉猛修 Burning Rangers SS
04. Theme of SPIKEOUT SpikeOut AC
05. A.M.S. Agent -Arranged From THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 1- The House of the Dead 2 AC
06. ドリームキャスト ~TV・CF 第4話 予約キャンペーン・ソング~(Dreamcast/湯川専務)
07. Open Your Heart/Crush 40 Sonic Adventure DC
08. mexican flyer (Original) Space Channel 5 DC
09. シェンムー ~莎木~ Shenmue DC
10. Medley from the first StarHorse game StarHorse AC
11. The whole new world -Lyric Version-/LOREN Phantasy Star Online DC
12. 御旗のもとに/日髙のり子(エリカ・フォンティーヌ)、島津冴子(グリシーヌ・ブルーメール)、小桜エツコ(コクリコ)、井上喜久子(ロベリア・カルリーニ)、鷹森淑乃(北大路花火) Sakura Wars 3: Is Paris Burning? DC
13. セガガガマーチ -Vocal Version-/金子 剛 Segagaga DC
14. Jungle Stage Super Monkey Ball GC
15. Sounds from the first Mushiking game Mushiking: The King of Beetles AC
16. Vive Memor Mortis ~死を忘れずに生きよ~ The Key of Avalon AC
17. Dungeon -Mountain- Dragon Treasure AC
18. Shiny World OutRun2 AC
19. Sonic Heroes/Crush 40 Sonic Heroes PS2/GC/Xbox
20. vs. 黒騎士 Quest of D AC
21. Re-Born/Rabbi☆min Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance! AC
22. Startup sound DARTSLIVE
23. きみのためなら死ねる [完全版]/ 床井健一 & Rub Rabbits Feel the Magic: XY/XX DS
24. Marvelous Brave Sangokushi Taisen AC
25. Receive You/MAKOTCH Yakuza PS2

Disc 4

# Title Game Platform
01. Temptation of Speed Sega Rally 2006 PS2
02. Default BGM Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ 4 AC
03. Feel the Rush Special DERBY OWNERS CLUB 2008 feel the rush AC
04. UFO音頭/Asami UFO CATCHER 8 AC
05. Save This World -νMIX- Phantasy Star Portable PSP
06. Main Theme WORLD CLUB Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2006-2007 AC
07. ぷよぷよのうた/あんどうりんご [CV:今井麻美] Puyo Puyo 7 DS
08. 火蛾(かが) Border Break AC
09. Reach For The Stars/Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash Sonic Colors Wii
10. ルーヴル美術館侵入 Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure 3DS
11. ばかみたい [Taxi Driver Edition]/ 桐生一馬 [黒田崇矢] Yakuza 5 PS3
12. 時空を超えて久しぶり! -ぷよクエ Ver.- Puyo Puyo!! Quest iOS/Android
13. The Great Journey -Original Ver.-/光吉猛修 ホルカ×トルカ AC
14. Battle For Justice II Chain Chronicle Android/iOS
15. Battle In Wonder Forest Wonderland Wars AC
16. welcome to maimai!! with マイマイマー/Hiro feat. 越田Rute隆人ビートまりお maimai ORANGE PLUS AC
17. 混沌を越えし我らが神聖なる調律主を讃えよ CHUNITHM AIR PLUS AC
18. Fist Bump/Douglas Robb [Hoobastank] Sonic Forces PS4/Switch
19. Menu Music -Original Ver.- N/A Mega Drive Mini
20. 檄!帝国華撃団<新章>/佐倉綾音(天宮さくら)、内田真礼(東雲初穂)、山村響(望月あざみ)、福原綾香(アナスタシア・パルマ)、早見沙織(クラリス) Sakura Wars PS4
21. Good Gear Next Level -Menu Music A- N/A Game Gear Micro
22. Which one do U play today? -Menu Music B- N/A Game Gear Micro
23. Menu Music N/A Astro City Mini
24. セガモバ&セガ店舗 ~イメージソング~(また、ここで逢いたい.../光吉猛修
25. せが四郎(藤岡 真威人)(~今こそあなたに、知ってほしい。60周年のセガ!~)
26. Amazing SEGA ~New Corporate Identity~ (Last Ver.)

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