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From maimai:GreeN to maimai:FiNALE, in-game currencies were used to purchase Collections and songs.


maimile was the first unit of currency used in the series. It was used from maimai GreeN to ORANGE PLUS. Each time you play a song, you are awarded maimile.

When transferring data from maimai/maimai PLUS to GreeN, you will receive a certain amount of maimile depending on the level you were at in game's end (around 250 maimile per level). Starting February 2014, 10,000 maimile were given away at the beginning of every Thursday (minus the launch of GreeN PLUS).

Beginning in ORANGE, maimile could also be used in maiCHALLENGE. Songs can also be unlocked now with music tickets (see below) instead of maimile. maimile was reset to zero when data was transferred to ORANGE, though you were given a certain amount based on your overall number of Collections from earlier games.

Clearing a song gives you a certain amount of maimile, multiplied by the Achievement Bonus you obtain in a song. The breakdown for difficulty is as follows:


  • EASY: 80 x 40 (CLEAR), 80 (first FULL COMBO), 50 (PERFECT)
  • BASIC: 100 x 50 (CLEAR), 100 (first FULL COMBO), 100 (PERFECT)
  • ADVANCED: 120 x 60 (CLEAR), 120 (first FULL COMBO), 150 (PERFECT)
  • EXPERT: 140 x 70 (CLEAR), 140 (first FULL COMBO), 200 (PERFECT)
  • MASTER: 160 x 80 (CLEAR), 160 (first FULL COMBO), 250 (PERFECT)


  • EASY: 120 x 60 (CLEAR), 120 (first FULL COMBO), ??? (PERFECT)
  • BASIC: 130 x 65 (CLEAR), 130 (first FULL COMBO), ??? (PERFECT)
  • ADVANCED: 140 x 70 (CLEAR), 140 (first FULL COMBO), ??? (PERFECT)
  • EXPERT: 150 x 75 (CLEAR), 150 (first FULL COMBO), ??? (PERFECT)
  • MASTER: 160 x 80 (CLEAR), 160 (first FULL COMBO), ??? (PERFECT)

Extra maimile can also be earned from VS matches and getting 100% SYNC with up to four players.

You also get 100 bonus maimile if playing with a friend. You also get certain amounts of maimile by unlocking MASTER charts, or getting ALL PERFECT/SSS rank/100% SYNC with a friend. You can only do this five times a day.

maimile can also be obtained from mai-Neighbor (maiご近所さん). This is limited to only the first play of the day:

  • GreeN: 30 maimile first time, 50 after
  • GreeN PLUS, ORANGE: 300 first time and all other times
  • ORANGE PLUS: 100 first time and all other times

music ticket

The second unit of currency used in the series. It was used from ORANGE to ORANGE PLUS, and was used at the same time as maimile. The breakdown of music tickets is as follows:

  • Login bonus: 10 tickets per credit
  • Multiplayer bonus: one ticket per credit when playing in multiplayer mode (VS/SYNC).
  • First played chart bonus: two tickets, awarded when playing previously unplayed charts for the first time.
  • Play result bonus: one ticket, awarded each time ALL PERFECT or 100% SYNC is achieved.


The third unit of currency in the series (mb), it overrides both previous currencies. It was used in PiNK/PiNK PLUS. It is known as マイベリー in Japanese.

10,000 maiberry are given to every player on their first playthrough of PiNK or PiNK PLUS. Breakdown is as follows:

  • Login bonus: 1000 maiberry per credit
  • Playing new songs added in the current version on any difficulty: 250
  • Weekly bonus: 5000 maiberry is awarded for the first playthrough of the week, starting on each Thursday.
  • Friend fever doubles the awarded amount of maiberry when in multiplayer mode (except for the weekly bonus and presents from SEGA).


The fourth currency used, it was used in MURASAKi/MURASAKi PLUS and replaced maiberry. It is known as 舞ZENNY in Japanese, and its unit is "MZ". In some UI backgrounds, 舞銭銀行 (maiZENNY bank) can be seen. ("Zeni" is Japanese for money.)

You receive 10,000 maiZENNY for your first playthrough of MURASAKi or MURASAKi PLUS.

In MURASAKi PLUS, Otohime's Room (乙姫の部屋) was added. At the end of a credit, you can gift maiZENNY to Otohime. Some Collections will be awarded according to the gifted amount. Event Courses also now award maiZENNY.


The fifth and final currency used in the original maimai series. It was used from MiLK to FiNALE, making it the first currency since maimile to be used in multiple games. It replaced maiZENNY.

Unlike older in-game currencies, one Cheese is sub-divided into 20 Cheese Pieces (チーズのかけら).

Five cheese is awarded to every player on their first playthrough of MiLK or MiLK PLUS. When transferring data from MiLK PLUS to FiNALE, five more Cheese was given. (Cheese collected in MiLK PLUS is preserved.) All Collections now cost at least one Cheese, making them more expensive than in PiNK-MURASAKi PLUS.

Breakdown of Cheese distribution is as follows:

  • Play any song: three (MiLK) / seven (MiLK PLUS, FiNALE) Cheese Pieces per track.
  • Play songs with "Cheese pieces +2" mark: +2 Cheese Pieces per track.
  • Play with two players: +1 Cheese Piece per track (three/four player amounts unknown currently).
  • Survival Course / FiNALE Course: five Cheese for clearing for the first time of the day and one for the second time onwards.