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This is for the Arcaea song. For the オンゲキ original song, please see Singularity. For the セガNET麻雀 MJ song, please see Singularity.

Song Information

Singularity's jacket.

Artist: ETIA.「Arcaea」
Composition/Arrangement: ETIA.
BPM: 175
Length: 2:04
オンゲキ Genre: VARIETY
オンゲキ Opponent: 光 Lv.5
First Music Game Appearance: オンゲキ R.E.D.
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • An updated version of Singularity with an extended intro appears on ETIA.'s album, Infomorph.
  • A remix of Singularity by nitro, titled Singularity VVVIP, appears in Arcaea as an April Fools Day song.


  • Singularity originates in lowiro's mobile rhythm game, Arcaea.
  • Singularity is available in オンゲキ R.E.D. from December 17th, 2020 to January 27th, 2021, as part of the event Chapter, Arcaea. It can be unlocked by default by playing it during the event and scoring 100% total damage.
  • The timing of the opponent's appearance in Singularity is based on an in-game challenge when playing Singularity in Arcaea, where the character Luna appears at the same point. More information on this challenge can be found on the Arcaea Wiki.
  • Singularity also appears in TAITO's GROOVE COASTER. In that game, Singularity is titled as Singularity -Binary Enfold- (after the Arcaea chapter in which it appears) due to GROOVE COASTER already having a different song called Singularity. This does not happen in オンゲキ, despite also having a different song called Singularity.

Genre Changes


Difficulty & Notecounts

オンゲキ to R.E.D. difficulty rated from 1 to 14+, 1 to 15 from R.E.D. PLUS to bright, and 1 to 15+ from bright MEMORY onwards.
(Ratings and notecounts obtained from maimai on gamerch, and CHUNITHM and オンゲキ wikis on wikiwiki.)


Game Level
Basic Advanced Expert Master Lunatic
Notecounts / BELLs 313 / 58 529 / 55 641 / 140 1267 / 124 -
Chart Designer - - みそかつ侍 The Magistrate -
オンゲキ R.E.D.→R.E.D. PLUS 4 8 11 13+ -
オンゲキ bright→Present 4 8 11 14 -