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Ice contributed many songs to Rayark's first mobile music game Cytus, and joined Rayark in 2014. While working for Rayark, he continued to produce songs and charts for Rayark's games including Cytus II, Deemo, and VOEZ.


  • Ice joined Project Grimoire (in which all members except Ice are Japanese) to try to get around Konami's restriction that participants of song submissions have to reside in Japan, and submitted Brionac ~Lugh Lamhfhata~. This didn't work, and the song ended up in Cytus instead.
  • In March 2020, Ice posted a song containing a hidden pro-Hong Kong message in morse code to his personal SoundCloud and YouTube accounts. On mainland Chinese internet, this was discovered in July 2020, and caused widespread backlash. (News article) As consequences:
    • Cytus II was briefly pulled from Chinese app stores;
    • Ice was condemned by Dragonest (Rayark's publisher in mainland China) and Rayark, and resigned;
    • Entrance was absent from 舞萌DX 2021.


  • Ice
  • Spiegel (member of)
  • Project Grimoire (member of)
  • 光吉猛修の弟

Song Contributions

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics
Schrecklicher Aufstand Katzeohr & Spiegel CHUNITHM AIR -
《破滅》 ~ Rhapsody for The End Spiegel vs Ice CHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUS -
小悪魔の遊園地 光吉猛修の弟 CHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUS -
《本能》 ~ ReCoda Spiegel vs Yukino CHUNITHM PARADISE -
《創造》 ~ Cries, beyond The End Katzeohr & Spiegel CHUNITHM SUN PLUS
Caliburne ~Story of the Legendary sword~ Project Grimoire maimai ORANGE -
Excalibur ~Revived resolution~ Project Grimoire maimai MiLK -
Entrance Ice maimai でらっくす PLUS -
CHAOS Æsir maimai でらっくす PLUS -
康莊大道 Spiegel vs Yukino maimai でらっくす FESTiVAL -
Aenbharr Project Grimoire オンゲキ PLUS -


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