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Artist Information


With work dating as far back as 1987, Shinji Hosoe is one of the big names in video game music in Japan. Getting his start at NAMCO in 1985, in 1986 he was promoted from CG designer to musician, with his first video game music project being the 1987 arcade game Dragon Spirit. In 1992 he founded Troubadour Records, where he formed the sampling masters unit alongside Ayako Saso, Nobuyoshi Sano, and Takayuki Aihara. He and Ayako left NAMCO in 1996, but continued to produce music for other video game companies as freelancers.

In 2012, Shinji opened up his own indie label SuperSweep Records alongside Ayako, where they self-publish their own works (both original and from video games), and also serve as a publisher for soundtracks featured in other games. They continued to use Troubadour Records for the hardcore-based over drive hell series of releases.


  • Shinji has also contributed to a lot of music games outside the SEGA series. The list includes KONAMI's BEMANI series, NAMCO's Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人), Pentasonic's DJMAX series, and TAITO's Groove Coaster series.
  • Shinji composed music for the anime series No Game No Life.


  • sampling masters MEGA / Sampling Masters MEGA

Song Contributions

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement
The wheel to the right Sampling Masters MEGA CHUNITHM
Kattobi KEIKYU Rider Sampling Masters MEGA CHUNITHM STAR
The wheel to the Night ~インド人が夢に!?~ Sampling Masters なる&せりな(イロドリミドリ) CHUNITHM STAR PLUS -
Kattobi舞高Riders 舞ヶ原Riders CHUNITHM PARADISE LOST -
Like the Wind [Reborn] sampling masters MEGA「パワードリフト」 maimai PLUS -
RIDGE RACER STEPS -GMT remix- Yuji Masubuchi(BNGI)「RIDGE RACER」 maimai GreeN PLUS -
オパ! オパ! RACER -GMT mashup- COSIO(ZUNTATA/TAITO)「ファンタジーゾーン」「RIDGE RACER」 maimai GreeN PLUS -
リッジでリッジでGO!GO!GO! -GMT mashup- Hiro(SEGA) 「RIDGE RACER」「電車でGO!」 maimai GreeN PLUS -
Moon of Noon Sampling Masters MEGA maimai MURASAKi PLUS
バーチャルダム ネーション Sampling Masters MEGA maimai でらっくす
Dazzle hop Sampling Masters MEGA オンゲキ
Baqeela (Creepy Remix) owl*tree Remixed by Sampling Masters MEGA オンゲキ bright MEMORY -
怨撃 細江慎治 オンゲキ bright MEMORY