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Kennosuke Ono.

Artist Information


Kennosuke Ono, also known as onoken, is a commisioned artist with works on the doujin scene dating as far as 2001, with works on Diverse System and Sound Online, as well as arranging for Japanese vocalist Meg together with TaQ. Later, he would contribute to anime adapatations such as Higurashi no naku koro ni (ひぐらしのなく頃に), Accel World (アクセル・ワールド), and CHAOS;CHILD, as well as for several doujin games. He's dabbled in many genres, including artcore, trance, techno, dubstep, and even J-POP.


  • In SEGA's rhythm games, Kennosuke has primarily appeared under the alias owl*tree, a reference to SEGA's old Otorii headquarters. This connection was not confirmed until 2023.
  • Kennosuke has also contributed to Rayark's music game Cytus, under his ani alias.
    • In Cytus II, he is credited as onoken instead. In addition, he also appears in lowiro's Arcaea and MARVELOUS!'s WACCA series under his main onoken alias.
    • He's also appeared in KONAMI's BEMANI series, most notably the pop'n music series.


  • onoken
  • owl*tree

Song Contributions

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics
Teriqma owl*tree CHUNITHM -
Paqqin owl*tree CHUNITHM AIR -
PinqPiq owl*tree feat.awao*tree CHUNITHM STAR -
Sqlupp owl*tree feat.yaki*tree CHUNITHM AMAZON -
Jörqer owl*tree feat. yu*tree CHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUS
Paqqin (tpz Despair Remix) owl*tree/t+pazolite CHUNITHM - -
Inpaqq owl*tree feat.ka*tree CHUNITHM NEW -
Λlteration 小仏 凪(CV:佐倉 薫)&月鈴 白奈(CV:高野 麻里佳)&御形 アリシアナ(CV:福原 綾香)&桔梗 小夜曲(CV:原田 彩楓) CHUNITHM SUN PLUS -
デスパレイト owl*tree maimai MURASAKi PLUS -
P-qoq owl*tree maimai でらっくす -
Valsqotch owl*tree feat.chi*tree maimai でらっくす PLUS -
felys -final remix- onoken maimai でらっくす Splash / CHUNITHM CRYSTAL PLUS / オンゲキ SUMMER PLUS -
Sqlupp (Camellia's "Sqleipd*Hiytex" Remix) owl*tree Remixed by Camellia maimai でらっくす Splash - -
QuiQ owl*tree feat.nie*tree maimai でらっくす BUDDiES PLUS -
Maqrite owl*tree オンゲキ -
Baqeela owl*tree オンゲキ SUMMER -
PinqPiq (xovevox Remix) owl*tree Remixed by sasakure.UK オンゲキ SUMMER PLUS - -
BBBLOW -rebuild- onoken feat. 佐々木正明 オンゲキ R.E.D. PLUS -
天つ風 onoken feat. 土屋雄作 オンゲキ bright -
Baqeela (Creepy Remix) owl*tree Remixed by Sampling Masters MEGA オンゲキ bright MEMORY - -
Vibes 2k20 (owl*aging remix) owl*tree オンゲキ bright MEMORY - -
天つ風 feat. 夏川陽子 onoken オンゲキ bright MEMORY -



  • Swell Strings (2003, remaster: 2020)
  • Blue Orb (2011)
  • Testimony (2014)
  • Testimony2 (2018)
  • pvq (2020, as owl*tree)
  • COLOR CHART (2022)


  • felys Artcore Collection (2020)