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Challenge Track (チャレンジトラック) is a game mechanic added in maimai PiNK and removed in maimai FiNALE. With this mechanic, skilled players can unlock the song up to 4 weeks before it's unlocked by default. The details have been changed several times during the course it was used.


During the time period when a Challenge Track is active, if the player gets rank S or above on all tracks before the final track, he/she can enter Challenge Track on the final track. The player starts with some amount of Life, which would decrease 1 for each non-perfect note judgment. If Life reaches 0, it would be a game over, and the song would be cut short.

On the result screen, if you completed the song with Life left, "完走"(completed) would be shown. Otherwise, "無念" would be shown.

If the player completes the song on Master, he/she could unlock the song.

Game over screen descriptions
Screen Rank (PiNK) Rank (later)
Shutter ("おわり") F~E F~E
Shutter ("糸冬") + Happy ("アチャ~") C~B D~C
Happy ("できるか―――い!") + Shutter ("閉店") A~AAA B~A
Shutter ("本日の営業は終了しますた。") + sleeping Happy S~SSS AA~SSS

maimai PiNK

Life increase happens at 0:00 JST. Since the third day of a Challenge Track event, if playing with multiple players, and one of them has a Rating above 7.00, Challenge Track would be available from Track 1, and the song can be played to the end even if Life reaches 0.

Days since CT started Life
0 1
7 5
14 50
21 100
28 Unlocked by default
Song Date
アージェントシンメトリー 2015/12/10
閃鋼のブリューナク 2015/12/10
Revive The Rave 2016/01/21
After Burner 2016/02/18
7thSense 2016/02/18
GEMINI -M- 2016/03/17
スリップフリップ 2016/04/21
FEEL the BEATS 2016/04/21
Glorious Crown 2016/05/26

maimai PiNK PLUS

PiNK PLUS added time-limited Collection items. During the time Challenge Track is active, get rank S on Expert to obtain an icon, and on Master to obtain a frame.

The newly-added "track skip" option doesn't work in Challenge Track.

Days since CT started Life
0 1
4 5
7 10
11 20
14 50
18 100
21 300
28 Unlocked by default
Song Date
connecting with you 2016/06/30
高気圧ねこロック 2016/06/30
Contrapasso -paradiso- 2016/07/28
Jumble Rumble 2016/08/25
Hyper Active 2016/09/22
Prophesy One 2016/11/17
AMAZING MIGHTYYYY!!!! 2016/11/17

maimai MURASAKi

Since MURASAKi, Collections can be obtained until one week after the Challenge Track ended.

Days since CT started Life
0 1
2 5
4 10
6 20
8 50
10 100
12 300
14 Unlocked by default
Song Date
いっしそう電☆舞舞神拳! 2016/12/15
Our Wrenally 2017/01/24
HERA 2017/02/21
Lividi 2017/03/28
ねぇ、壊れタ人形ハ何処へ棄テらレるノ? 2017/04/18
Panopticon 2017/05/23


Since MURASAKi PLUS, Challenge Track will not appear if a player has a Rating lower than 7.00, except when playing with another player with a Rating higher than 7.00.

Song Date
夢花火 2017/06/22
Maxi 2017/08/03
Ultranova 2017/09/07
Moon of Noon 2017/10/03
幸せになれる隠しコマンドがあるらしい 2017/11/21

maimai MiLK

Since MiLK, the Collection items are no longer time-limited, and it's no longer necessary to score 97% or higher on Expert before entering Challenge Track on Master. The Rating restriction added in MURASAKi PLUS is also removed.

Song Date
Excalibur ~Revived resolution~ 2018/02/20
Justified 2018/05/22

maimai MiLK PLUS

In MiLK PLUS, Life increase happens after the cabinet reboot at 07:00 JST instead.

Song Date
larva 2018/07/24
Ragnarok 2018/09/18
花と、雪と、ドラムンベース。 2018/11/06
SILENT BLUE 2018/12/04