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Wahlap E-sports Championship is a national tournament of many games operated by Wahlap in China. This page documents the maimai part, which has a similar format to KING of Performai since 2021.

WEC was not held in 2020.


Participant games:

  • 马力欧卡丁车大奖赛DX (Mario Kart GP DX)
  • 舞萌DX
  • 舞力特区 (Danz Base)
  • 头文字D Zero (Initial D: Arcade Stage Zero)
  • 音炫轨道 (Rhythmvaders / Groove Coaster)
  • 极速赛车5 (Speed Driver 5)
  • 怪物猎人世界 (Monster Hunter: World)
  • 舞力全开 (Just Dance 2019)
  • NBA 2K20

At CICF 2019, an ACG convention held in Guangzhou during the National Day holiday in October, the national finals of WEC2019 was held.

The match for 舞萌DX was held on October 2nd. 舞萌DX wasn't released yet back then, so contestants were chosen from the audience. This was not a full-scale tournament like WEC2021.

News article on Sina


Participant games:


Period: July 31st ~ ?

Unlike KOP, preliminaries are held in arcades across the country, not online. The first place in each arcade is eligible for the national finals, and the top 3 players each get a WEC maimai T-shirt, as well as additional prizes by the arcades.

(Venue and schedule TBA)

For the qualifying round, all players play the same two songs randomly chosen from the song pool below, and the top 8 contestants by total achievement rate proceed to the next round.

For the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals, players are re-grouped randomly into pairs. Each pair of players play the same two songs randomly chosen from the song pool below, and the player with a higher achievement rate proceeds to the next round.

Players with the same achievement rate need to play another randomly chosen song.

Song pool for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals
Song Difficulty Level Chart
Flashkick Master 13 DX
My My My Master 13 DX
Oshama Scramble! Master 13 DX
共鳴 Master 13 DX
Now or Never Master 13 DX
Oshama Scramble! Master 14 ST
アポカリプスに反逆の焔を焚べろ Master 14 DX
UniTas Master 14 DX
Titania Master 14 DX
System “Z” Master 14 ST
Moon of Noon Master 14 ST
VERTeX Master 14 ST
雷切 -RAIKIRI- Master 14 ST
Beat of getting entangled Master 13+ ST
分からない Master 13+ ST
モ°ルモ°ル Master 13+ DX
魔ジョ狩り Master 13+ DX
MAXRAGE Master 13+ DX
玩具狂奏曲 -終焉- Master 13+ DX
立川浄穢捕物帳 Master 13+ DX
KING is BACK!! Master 13+ ST
TEmPTaTiON Master 14+ DX
Valsqotch Master 14+ DX
Excalibur ~Revived resolution~ Master 14+ ST
Blows Up Everything Re:Master 14 DX
ジングルベル Re:Master 14 ST
QZKago Requiem Re:Master 14+ ST
the EmpErroR Re:Master 14+ ST

Interestingly, an earlier version of the song pool lists BREaK! BREaK! BREaK! instead of Now or Never.

National Finals

Date&time: October 3rd 31st 10:00~ (top 24 players → top 8 players), 14:00~ (finals)

Held at CICF 2021

On September 27th, it was announced that CICF 2021 would be postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

On October 12th, the new date is announced to be October 31st.

Huya Live account (M3U8 link)