Shoichiro Hirata

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Shoichiro Hirata

Artist Information


Shoichiro Hirata is a former KONAMI Computer Entertainment Tokyo employee who did music for their games, including BEMANI, from 1995 to 2003, when he left to work for Hello! Project and avex group. He's also worked on the Tablier Communications Inc. music label, and composed all of the songs on fellow ex-KONAMI staff member Sanae Shintani's album OLニ〜ニョ. He's also occasionally seen in Diverse Sysyem's AD:HOUSE albums. While his main forte of music is house, he's also dabbled in other genres in the past, including R&B, digital rock, and 2-step.

Shoichiro currently works at the SUPA LOVE music label.

Song Contributions

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement
Beat of getting entangled Shoichiro Hirata maimai GreeN
Cosmic Train Shoichiro Hirata feat.SUIMI maimai GreeN
MIRROR of MAGIC Shoichiro Hirata feat.SUIMI maimai ORANGE
Believe the Rainbow Shoichiro Hirata feat.Sana maimai FiNALE
BANG! Shoichiro Hirata feat.Sana maimai でらっくす UNiVERSE PLUS