Masaki Sekikawa

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Masaki Sekikawa

Artist Information


Masaki Sekikawa is a Japanese music producer mainly known for his articulate chiptune tracks, and often incorporates other sounds and even real instruments into his songs, unlike many other producers. Aside from chiptune, he also composes artcore and piano-based tracks. He previously appeared in compilations by the salvation by faith records label.


  • In niconico, Masaki is known for his 中二の俺シリーズ video series, which reproduce BGM of the NES/Famicom games Super Mario Bros., Dragon Quest, and Kirby's Dream Land by ear.
  • Masaki has also made contributions to KONAMI's BEMANI series, Lowiro's Arcaea, Noxy Games' Lanota, Sanrio's SHOW BY ROCK!!, and TAITO's GROOVE COASTER series.


  • 黒魔 (Kuroma / Chroma)
  • くろかわまさきち

Song Contributions

Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement Lyrics
分からない ろん×黒魔 maimai MURASAKi
時計の国のジェミニ 黒魔 maimai でらっくす Splash PLUS -
にゃーにゃー冒険譚 黒魔 maimai でらっくす FESTiVAL PLUS
tiny tales continue 黒魔 maimai でらっくす BUDDiES PLUS -
Don't Fight The Music 黒魔 オンゲキ R.E.D. -
And Revive The Melody 黒魔 オンゲキ bright MEMORY -