Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.-

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Song Information

Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.-'s jacket.

Artist: 曲: Kijibato / 歌: 皇城 セツナ(CV:八巻 アンナ)
Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics: Kijibato
Vocals: Setsuna Sumeragi (CV: Anna Yamaki)
BPM: 184
Length: 2:26
オンゲキ Genre: ボーナストラック
オンゲキ Opponent: 皇城 セツナ Lv.40
First Music Game Appearance: オンゲキ bright MEMORY
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


None yet.

Song Connections / Remixes

  • Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.- is a solo version of Dramatic...?, from オンゲキ bright MEMORY, featuring only Setsuna Sumeragi.
  • The full version of Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.- appears on the CD part of the ONGEKI Sound Memory soundtrack.


  • Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.- can be unlocked in オンゲキ bright MEMORY from March 27th, 2024 by introducing a serial code included with the ONGEKI Sound Memory soundtrack.
  • Dramatic...? -皇城 セツナソロver.-'s charts are identical to the original Dramatic...?'s.

Genre Changes


Difficulty & Notecounts

オンゲキ difficulty rated 1 to 15+ from bright MEMORY onwards.
(Ratings and notecounts obtained from maimai on gamerch, and CHUNITHM and オンゲキ wikis on wikiwiki.)


Game Level
Basic Advanced Expert Master Lunatic
Notecounts / BELLs 393 / 25 631 / 141 1096 / 121 1335 / 214 -
Chart Designer - - ものくろっく Misokatic...? -
オンゲキ bright MEMORY→Present 5 8+ 11+ 13+ -


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