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MAP is the unlocking system of the CHUNITHM series. There are regular Maps and time-limited Maps; the latter are used for events.

At the beginning of each credit, the player must choose a map. Each map has a set number of grids, with the player going through the map for each song played. The number of grids that the player goes through depends on the result of each playthrough. Also, Map bonus exists, which awards more grids when certain conditions are met.

When the goal of the map is reached, a TASK Track might appear, depending on the map. Characters, songs, or other items are unlocked upon reaching the goal, or upon the successful completion of the assignment song, if applicable.

For a list of Maps, see the sub pages of the respective game pages.


  • A "base value" of 1 grid is awarded per track played regardless of the result.
  • 1 grid is awarded for each clear gauge filled.
  • Only the highest one of the following applies:
    • Clearing a song awards 1 grid.
    • Full Combo awards 2 grids.
    • All Justice awards 3 grids.
  • When in multiplayer mode, the highest of the following applies:
    • Max chain > 1000: +2 grids
    • Max chain > 2000: +3 grids
    • Max chain > 3000: +4 grids
    • Max chain > 4000: +5 grids
    • Max chain > 5000: +6 grids
    • 2-players Full Chain: +5 grids
    • 3-players Full Chain: +6 grids
    • 4-players Full Chain: +7 grids
  • "Geki! Chuumai-NET Standard Course" subscribers additionally gains 1 grid.

TASK Track

Some Maps would have TASK Tracks (課題曲) at the goal of the map. When the goal is reached, the player has to clear the song to complete the map. The number of gauges required is usually higher than normal. TASK Tracks for later maps often require 5 gauges or more, necessitating clever use of character skills.

The difficulty of the TASK Tracks specified in the clear condition depends on the player's current rating. Most of the time it would be the highest difficulty below the current rating. Difficulties lower than the specified one cannot be chosen. The MASTER difficulty can only be chosen if it's the specified difficulty, or if it's higher than the specified difficulty and already unlocked by the player.

If the player fails to clear the TASK Tracks, a "DIFFICULTY CHANGE FOR TASK" ticket (課題曲全難易度プレイチケット) would be awarded, if the player doesn't already have one. If the ticket is used, all 4 difficulties can be chosen, regardless of the specified difficulty and the unlock status of MASTER.

In some cases, the TASK Tracks might already be unlocked, including but not limited to:

  • The TASK Tracks of a regular map is unlocked by default
  • A past event map is revived
  • The same TASK Tracks appearing in more than one map
  • The TASK Tracks is unlocked by default from the very beginning

In these cases, when the goal is reached, the song would be moved to the TASK Tracks folder, and cannot be chosen from the regular folders. It would be moved back once the TASK Tracks is cleared.